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New portfolio page!

Check out the new portfolio page! Lots of pictures from my travels and of my friends. Enjoy!


STP Goes to Passion2011

So last Friday I loaded on a church bus with about 20 other college students from my church and set out for Atlanta, Georgia. We were on our way to be apart of a gathering of 20,000+ Jesus-lovers called Passion (learn more at I was apart of it last year and the way God is using the leaders of this conference to literally start a massive movement for Jesus is incredible! It’s more than just a conference, it’s a Jesus movement! Here are a few pictures from the trip.


The first day we were in Atlanta, we had a little bit of free time. So we explored the subway system of the city and ended up at an incredible mall. Oh the shopping!



Saw Gungor, one of my favorite bands, the first night! 


View from my hotel room window


David Crowder Band led worship one of the mornings


Not a bad seat in the house!

Charlie Hall Band!




The  Do Something Now area was probably the most powerful. It was full of interactive exhibits explaining different organizations, all with a passion for spreading the message of the Gospel to the nations. Some would build wells where people live without sources of clean water, or others would build houses for refugee families in Haiti, and some would help rescue young girls trapped in sex-trafficking. There were opportunities to donate and see your money directly go to these causes, and seeing the impact the church is having on the world was mind-blowing. Our God is so BIG!!


Bowls going to help feed the hungry.


 I donated to help a village of Rwandans. Producing coffee is thier only source of income, and the money used to buy the coffee directly goes to them.


Beautiful city.


My parents went with us. They’re the leaders of our college ministry at the church I go to. My dad was in deep thought, so I took advantage of the moment.


John Piper!


The wristbands that we were given (see earlier picture) flipped over to say Passion2011 Ft. Worth, where the next event will be held. We are asked to keep wearing our wristbands and to pray for the attendees of Passion Ft. Worth that God will move mightily in the hearts there.