Monthly Archives: March 2011

Happy Birthday Rudy!

So for Spring Break, I went camping with my family. And my little sister, Rudy’s 12th birthday was one of these days so I decided to take a few pictures of her. It was the first session I’d done with my new camera, so I really had a blast. Hope you enjoy!

This picture, I did not take. But this is Rudy on her 1st birthday. Isn’t she cute?!


Here she is now, 11 years later.















STP Goes to Canton!

I finally got to come home this past weekend and stay for more than 24 hours: a true blessing. The past two previous weekends were spent at the mercy of the TAMU-Commerce Chorale, of which I am a proud member. Touring takes its toll, on me especially, being away from family and the people I love for so long. I’m a baby, I know. Most college student’s embrace being away from home, and dread the next big holiday where there is no excuse to stay away, but not me. Home; you can’t keep me from finding my way back.

So this weekend was particularly joyful because it meant sleeping in and soaking in precious time with my favorite people. And when my parents decided we should go to Canton for the First Monday Trade Days, that just made life even better. The First Monday Trade Days (hereafter referred to as Canton) is huge. Pavilion after Pavilion of vendors selling anything from ornate painted bird houses, to puppies, to rusty street signs. The smell of fried food and smoked meats lingers in the air around you, strangely moving you to spend money to the very ends of your checking account. The day was full of corn dogs, vintage finds, aching feet, and the most amazing lemonade I’ve ever tasted. A day of fun with my family.

Well, I brought the newest member of the ST Photography family along for the ride, and would like to share with you the fruits of my shutter’s labor. Enjoy! 🙂

A man’s Poodle named Napoleon and I became best friends.


The best lemonade I’ve ever had. Yummmm!

I see a camera, I take its picture.

Lots of cool vintage toys!

Camera-lover’s wonderland


I ended up buying this 1966 Canon QT. I saw it and knew I had to be mine. Plus it was in incredible condition!


Tried my very first fried Snickers. It was DELICIOUS! Welcome to Texas.

Having lots of fun in the Pet District!