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It’s that time again!

It’s Thursday! Here we go!

1. Adele. I don’t even know how to explain how amazing she is. She and The Civil Wars (see last week’s post) are my two most favorite musicians on the planet. My sister, Melody got me her first album as a birthday present a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. She’s also GORGEOUS, and has quickly become a fashion/makeup/hair icon for me. I LOVE her, and her music is incredible. Here are a few of my favorites

–>Rolling in the Deep

–> Someone Like You

–> Crazy For You

FAVORITE!!–> Set Fire to the Rain

2. I don’t think many people have heard of Nutella. It’s advertised as a healthy snack, but I don’t see what’s so healthy about chocolate in a jar mixed with some hazelnuts. Maybe the hazelnuts make it healthy…oh well, healthy or not, it’s delicious!! If you’re a chocoholic like me, you’ll find this stuff irresistible. My favorite way to eat it is with strawberries (chocolate+strawberries=muy delicioso.), but the possibilities are endless. The next time you’re out getting groceries, buy some. You can thank me later. 🙂

3. Law & Order: SVU is my favorite TV show. I’m a big murder-mystery girl so any show that lets me play detective, I’m all over. This show is not for the faint of heart as it is mostly centered around sexual crimes, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. The actors are great, the plots are original and not as predictable as other shows like it, and I’ve really come to love it. It’s been on for twelve seasons, and still going strong! Marathons are on the USA Network all the time, so if you want to check it out, that’s the place.

4. I love thunderstorms. This past week we’ve had some pretty crazy weather. Starting Sunday night the first waves of the storm system that produced all the tornadoes across the South hit East Texas. This storm is the first real thunderstorm I’ve experienced in a really long time, so I welcomed it with open arms. Storms make me feel all nostalgic and romantic. All I want to do is snuggle up with a good book with my windows open and listen to the soft crooning of the weather outside. I fell asleep every night with a smile on my face as the thunder rocked me to sleep, and I’m sort of sad to see them go. The storm also produced some pretty spectacular sights as they rolled through Commerce. One in particular was this rain line that happened right in front of my dorm (see picture below). Just reminds me how incredibly amazing my God is.

“…Even the winds and the waves obey Him!”

Matthew 8:27

I hope you all have a terrific Thursday!


Until next time,



Things-I-Love Thursday!

It’s that time again my dears, for me to yack about the stuff I currently can’t get enough of in hopes that you too will get hooked…Here we go!

1. I don’t know what human with an internet connection hasn’t heard of StumbleUpon, but it is perhaps the greatest thing ever invented. After creating a password, simply choose the things you’re most interested in by clicking the nifty little box next to the subjects you like, then start stumbling! It is literally as if you’re walking down the street, and everything you trip over is a website you never knew existed. These things you trip over can range from a disgusting ball of used chewing gum (Websites that meet the qualifications of your interests, but don’t exactly hit the mark. For instance, “Fifteenth century knitting patterns” isn’t quite what you had in mind when you checked “Fashion” as an interest of yours.), to diamonds buried in the pavement (A website devoted to nothing but recipes featuring chocolate, each with a step-by-step picture-accompanied explanation on how to prepare these divine delectables…yes, this is gold.) SumbleUpon is the perfect cure for boredom, and too often the cause of many unfinished to-do lists. An infinite roulette wheel of distraction and procrastination. But I still love it!

2. Yes. ANGRY BIRDS!!! Ask anyone who’s sat with me at a meal in the past week (or month…) and they’ll tell you about me and this game. It’s an app for the iPhone (and other phones with apps, I’m sure…but those don’t really count, do they?), and it’s addictive. It is how I survive my Algebra class, and never fails to bring much entertainment as well as frustration when I can’t beat a level. Try it!

3. I’m sortof what you’d call…hmm, what’s the word….oh, OBSESSED with the entire Harry Potter series (click the link if you dare…), only I’m a cheater and haven’t read any of the books past page ten (don’t judge.). I begged for the boxed set for Christmas last year (movies 1-6 all in one convenient little box) and was overjoyed when my big sister (check out her blog!!) got it for me! And now my love for them has grown. So amidst the craziness of school and getting ready for finals, I shockingly completely forgot about the newest movie’s release until a friend reminded me when he tweeted about buying his copy. In the wake of this horrific discovery, I went out Tuesday and bought HP7, and ended up watching it two times that day. I love them all, and maybe you will too.

4. I’ll end with a music suggestion. The Civil Wars (Three separate links…the last one is my favorite song of theirs) are my absolute favorite group right now, and I don’t think that’ll ever change. They’re made up of Joy Williams and John Paul White and together they need no auto-tuning, studio mixing, echo, sustain, or back beat effects to make them worthy of the ears of the world. No, just a guitar, the hauntingly ethereal voice of Joy, and the soothing male counterpoint in JP’s voice. They’ve just released their first full length LP, but they also have an EP on iTunes so there’s definitely enough music out there for you to fill your iPods with. I saw them in Waco over Spring Break and was absolutely amazed. They are the most incredible live music performance I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen alot), so believe me when I say that they are the real deal. It’s also really encouraging to see the world really embracing them and their music. People are realizing that there is such a thing as unadulterated, no-embellishments-needed talent, and this is a very good thing.

From the show in Waco:

Until next time,


Things-I-Love Thursday

Happy things-I-love Thursday everyone! I’ve decided to start doing this because I have a ton of things that I love and feel everyone should know about. Share the wealth, y’know? Well here we go!

1. I’m obsessed with Brooke Courtney Photography. This husband and wife photography team put out the kind of work that I aspire to one day create. Every time I take a picture, they are my inspiration. Check them out, you won’t regret it. PS: I’ve already decided that they’ll be my wedding photographers (I know, I know…you sort of need a guy who wants to marry you before you go planning stuff like that, but hey, a girl can dream.) 😉

2. I found these sequin heels at Forever 21, one of my favorite stores on the planet, and I want them. There is a high probability that I will, at some point while wearing these, slip and harm myself and/or those around me, but I’m willing to take that kind of risk because the immense adorability of these shoes is so worth it.

3. Ray-Ban sunglasses. Specifically the RB2140-29 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses, or as I’ve come to call them, “the blue ones”.  Must. Have. Nowww.

4. Walk In Love. Clothing is the clothing line that the husband and wife photography team (see #1) own and operate. Just when you think the only Christian clothing you’ll ever see are cheesy secular labels turned into things about Jesus (“HisWay” instead of Subway, Jesus written like Reeses…yawn.), these guys come along and bring hope to this place. I love the real-ness and creativity they use, and wish I had the $$$ to buy everything in their store.

Until next Thursday,


There’s an app for that…

For all you iPeople out there, I am now on Instagram!


I’m newly obsessed with this app, that somehow magically combines the amazing-ness of Twitter with the world of photography. It’s brilliant, and if you have an ianything (phone, pad, pod, touch…) you must give the app a try. I love it! 🙂


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