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I sometimes take pictures.

I love to travel, and I’ve been blessed to have been able to go to so many places already and all before my 20th birthday. I was in choir in high school and that opened the door for me to travel to Los Angeles my freshman year, and introduced me to my absolute favorite place on the planet, New York City my junior year. I cannot even begin to try to express how in love with that city I am. Then with my family other places like Panama City and Destin (Florida), a mission trip to Mexico, youth camp in Colorado, camping trips in Oklahoma and Arkansas, confrences in Atlanta, vacations in Tennesee, Chicago, St. Louis, and of course all over Texas. 

As I discovered my love for travel early in high school, my love for photography was also developing and growing. So the other day as I was looking through some pictures, I decided to share with you guys some of my favorites from my travels as well as some that are throwbacks to my picture-taking beginings. I also thought it’d be nice to reassure everyone that I don’t just post about the things I love. I do sometimes take pictures, haha. Enjoy! 🙂

This is a picture taken back in the day of one of my favorite choral peices
 ever, Sleep, written by my favorite composer, Eric Whitacre


This one is of a huge statue/memorial around the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

Another back in the day picture actually taken on the floor of a Sabine High School classroom as I was experimenting with a  new camera.


New York City, Radio City Music Hall


Taken at the music building of Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas


This was taken at a random clothes store as I was learning how to play with angles. I’ve always loved this picture.


Another favorite picture from my favorite place, NYC.


One of the first artsy pictures I ever took.


My favorite part of this one is the little bug on the flower petal


I love the Tyler zoo because you can play with all these colorful birds in this neat little caged in area. This bird just happened to be in a posing mood.


The rest of these pictures were taken in New York City.


Old lady painting in Central Park


A pidgeon on our stop at Ellis Island on our way to the Statue of Liberty


One of my favorite pictures ever.


Until next time!




Things I Love Thursday!

My deepest and most sincere apologies for completely dropping the ball on last week’s TILT. Life got a hold of me and said “Hey Shelby, here’s a distraction! Oh, yeah you’re definitely not going to have time to blog this week because here’s ten more distractions!” But anyway, I’m back so here we go!!


 1. My absolute favorite product right now is this Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Serum stuff. My goodness it’s fantastic! My hair gets frizzy after I blowdry it, and alot of times sneaks up on me during the day when it knows I least expect it so I’ve been in search of some kind of product to show my hair who’s boss, and I finally found it! If you’ve got crazy hair too, this will be your savior.

2.  I recently discovered this Seattle based wedding photographer, Ben Blood. Dispite his awesome name, his pictures are equally as awesome. Definitely a new favorite of mine. Check him out!


4.  If you haven’t yet heard of Ellie Goulding, I’m glad to be the one to introduce you to her magical voice. She’s sortof different, but I love different! She was the musical guest on SNL a few weeks ago and blew me away. It’s rare to find a pop artist who’s actually good live, and by her generic pop star looks I didn’t expect much. But she’s actually fantastic! More than fantastic, I like her alot. Hence, she is on this week’s TIL-T!

Listen and love:

Favorite! —>>>



Happy Thursday dears,


Things I Love Thursday

This week’s TILT is coming to you from a pajama-clad, summer-loving, very relaxed, free-from-college couch potato. Recently liberated from this semester of higher-level education, I’m even more eager than ever to share with you some of the things I love. Buckle up!

1. I LOVE Forever 21!! Their clothes are adorable, and SUPER cheap! If you do not know about this store, it will become your closet’s best friend. Their sale section is the greatest thing ever. I’ve found adorable shirts there marked down from $20 to $6! I can’t get enough.

2. I’ve become a big fan of House. I know it’s not exactly a show no one’s heard of, but I’ve just recently gotten into it. Hugh Laurie is brilliant, and who doesn’t love a good medical-mystery??

3. A few days ago I finished all the levels in Angry Birds and found myself without a game to love…until i discovered Tiny Wings. Buy it, love it, and revel in the glory of beating your own high score!

4. Ok, fellas, it’s time for you to leave. Let the girl talk begin! I’ve recently fallen in love with this wedding blog called Green Wedding Shoes Blog. I don’t have a fiance, or even any prospective hopefuls for that matter, but I like looking at other people’s weddings and getting ideas for how I want mine to look someday. Growing up, I was never the little girl who always knew what she wanted her wedding to look like. That’s just something I never really thought about, and up until a few months ago still had no clue what I wanted my big day to be like. But stumbling upon blogs like this one has started me brainstorming, and it’s become sort of a hobby for me. I now have so many ideas I don’t know what to do with myself! Even if you aren’t planning a wedding, or dreaming of planning a wedding it’s a great blog to check out! Enjoy 🙂

Until next week,


Things I Love Thursday

Hello everyone!

Sorry my TILT post is coming a little late today. It’s dead week (week before finals) and to be honest, I completely forgot what day it was until about two hours ago! But never fear, your weekly supply of things I love is coming right up!

Looking at my home page, you’d think that all I blog about is the things I love. But I promise I’ll be posting more pictures soon. Again, its the end of the semester, and things is crazy y’all 😉

On to the good stuff!

1. Ruche is a new clothing store (well, new to me) that I absolutely love! The style of their clothes is my favorite, and if I weren’t a poor, jobless college student I’d have a closet full of Ruche! Sadly, they don’t make menswear so sorry fellas.

2. Newly discovered deliciousness: the coconut creme kiss. I love chocolate. I love coconut. Thank you Hershey’s for bringing the world this new yummy treat.

3. Audrey Assad was nominated for a Dove (Christian music award) for best new female artist and she soo deserves it! She has a very unique voice that I’m in love with. Her album The House You’re Building has been in my car playing nonstop for about three months. She’s awesome, and you should check her out!

4. I love May 9. No it’s not some obscure band name, or clothing line. Go to your calendar, find May, then find the square with a nine in it. May 9th is Monday, and that’s my last day of school for the semester. Hallelujah!! These next few days are going to be madness, but I can’t wait to be home and resting with my family. That is my light at the end of the tunnel.

For all you college kids out there, quit reading this and go study. Do well on your finals, and have a safe drive back home with your trunk full of dorm stuff!

Happy summer!!