Things I Love Thursday!

My deepest and most sincere apologies for completely dropping the ball on last week’s TILT. Life got a hold of me and said “Hey Shelby, here’s a distraction! Oh, yeah you’re definitely not going to have time to blog this week because here’s ten more distractions!” But anyway, I’m back so here we go!!


 1. My absolute favorite product right now is this Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Serum stuff. My goodness it’s fantastic! My hair gets frizzy after I blowdry it, and alot of times sneaks up on me during the day when it knows I least expect it so I’ve been in search of some kind of product to show my hair who’s boss, and I finally found it! If you’ve got crazy hair too, this will be your savior.

2.  I recently discovered this Seattle based wedding photographer, Ben Blood. Dispite his awesome name, his pictures are equally as awesome. Definitely a new favorite of mine. Check him out!


4.  If you haven’t yet heard of Ellie Goulding, I’m glad to be the one to introduce you to her magical voice. She’s sortof different, but I love different! She was the musical guest on SNL a few weeks ago and blew me away. It’s rare to find a pop artist who’s actually good live, and by her generic pop star looks I didn’t expect much. But she’s actually fantastic! More than fantastic, I like her alot. Hence, she is on this week’s TIL-T!

Listen and love:

Favorite! —>>>



Happy Thursday dears,



One thought on “Things I Love Thursday!

  1. aaronchaney says:

    So, I have a shopping list on my dresser mirror that has Garnier Fructis sleek and shine serum on it all because of you 🙂 🙂

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