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Things I love Thursday!

Hi everyone!

It’s Thursday!! Are you excited? Ok, maybe not. Nobody is ever thinking “Yay, it’s Thursday!!” or “I can’t wait ’till Thursday!!!”


Well, maybe today’s blog will lighten the mood!


1. Ruffled blog is a huge wedding blog that features everything from DIY wedding projects to finding the unique & creative vendors nearest to you. My favorite part of the website is their “Real Weddings” section where you can spend all day browsing super cool, trendy weddings and get so many ideas that you don’t know what to do with yourself.  Photographer fans of Ruffled submit their favorite weddings they’ve shot and the Ruffled people choose what they want featured on the site. Genius. Check it out!

2. Ok, ok. I know I’ve blogged about these pom pom things before but this time it’s different I promise! I’ve learned to make these little beauties, and I’ve come to show you how.  I made one of these things out of white printer paper one day by accident, and then decided to make a few more. After experimenting with ways of doing it, I found a way that’s cheap and fun to do if you have the time. My sister and I went fabric shopping a few days ago.  She’s having a house-warming party this Saturday and she wanted some pom poms to decorate the place with. I’d never made one with fabric, but it sounded a lot easier to work with than paper. I liked the idea of finishing a pom pom without having a billion paper cuts on my fingers. But if you enjoy that kind of pain, go ahead and stick with paper!

Back to the fabric store. Melody, my sister, got around six yards total and I ended up buying close to six yards to make a some poms for my dorm this fall, so needless to say I’ve spent the last two days cutting out the twelve yards of fabric into 5 and 6″ squares. My hand came close to falling off a few times, but I survived. Now I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Whatcha need:

Hot glue gun w/ glue sticks

Styrofoam balls. What size? Well, how big of a pom pom do you want?
How much do you want to spend on fabric?

A billion yards of fabric cut into whatever size square you want.
It depends on what size pom you want, but I’d start with 2 yards of fabric cut into 5″ squares, and 2.5″ styrofoam balls. 


Pinch the square in the middle to make the funky jagged look, then hot glue it to the ball. Like…


Now do that about 50 billion more times and you have yourself a neat pom pom!

If you want to hang them somewhere after you make them,
dig a hole in the styrofoam with a toothpick, shoot some hot glue down the hole,
then use the toothpick to push the end of a piece of string in there. Viola!


3. Anyone still with me?? Ok, good. I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I love orange juice!!!!

4. Tonight is the premier of one of the only shows I watch and am really in to, Project Runway. It’s one of those guilty pleasure, get-my-dose-of-drama shows that I normally loathe (like who really wants to keep up with the Kardashians anyway?! Exactly. No one!), but in this case Project Runway is the exception to my rule. I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls who makes all of her own clothes, so this show lets me live my dream vicariously. It’s not for everyone, but I love it!


Pretty sure this wins the “Longest TILT Post Ever” award. Hope you liked it! Now, go make a pom pom!!




The Three Cheerleaders

Saturday was a fun, but crazy day for me. I had two portrait sessions booked, one in the morning, and one in that evening. Both were an absolute blast. My evening shoot was with Lara, Sierra, and Ellen, three crazy Sabine cheerleaders. It’s such a treat when I get the chance to work with people who are so comfortable infront of a camera. These girls were total pros. No coaching necessary to get a great shot out of them. Even though we were all sweating like pigs, and dying of thirst in the still-blistering 7:00 Texas heat, it was a ton of fun!

P.S.- You’ll see pictures of the dark haired girl, Ellen, in different outfits, but not the other two girls. Ellen is in a zillion of different groups at SHS and wanted pics of herself in street clothes plus her cheer and dance line uniforms. Though I love Ellen to death, the extra shots aren’t because I love her the most and decided to take more pictures of her, it’s simply because she had wardrobe changes.




We’re back!!

Things I Love Thursday is back!!

Everyone got their seat belts on? K, good. Here we go!



1. My new favorite show this summer is Covert Affairs on USA Network. I love secret agent-y, spy, CIA, “I’m gonna getcha” kind of shows, and this one has it all. Car chases, double agents, super cool spy gear, cute guys, and a really cool story line. The main character, Annie Walker (played by the gorgeous Piper Perabo), is fabulous, loveable, and a blast to watch. If you want to check it out, and I hope you do, it comes on Tuesday nights at 9:00 (central) on USA!


2. A few years ago my friend brought me back a present from a trip to Seattle he’d taken to visit some family he had up there. This present was a few simple chocolate bars. Only, these were no ordinary chocolate bars. These delicious goodies came from Theo Chocolate. From the moment I tasted this yumminess it has been my favorite and go-to chocolate the instant a craving strikes. While they do make milk chocolate bars, my favorite is their super dark chocolate. Only the most serious chocoholics, I’ve found, like Theo’s dark chocolate stuff because Theo’s dark is REAL dark. Like, 70% cocoa and up. Your average Hershey Dark bar is 60%, so if you don’t like that then I’ll buy you a little bag of Kisses and you can sit in the corner while I enjoy my Theo. I crave it constantly, and hope you order a bar or twelve from their website to give it a try.


3. My mom is a baker, illustrator, and the incredible owner of Crumbs and Crayons. In her line of work, she searches blogs for inspiration, and one day discovered this hilarious blog, Cake Wrecks. It pretty much showcases disaster cakes made BY PROFESSIONALS. I emphasize “by professionals” because looking at some of these hideous train wrecks of cake and knowing that they were made by people who do this for a living just makes it all the more hilarious.

For example:

And the awfulness just keeps coming. If you’re ever in need of a laugh, or just need to feel better about yourself, head on over to Cake Wrecks!


4. Anberlin has been my favorite rock band for a really long time. I love their music, and pretty much everything about them. Their lyrics are gripping, and the music is uniquely written and completely brilliant. If you end up loving them and want to buy some of their music, their album, Cities is my favorite by far. Oh how I love this band.

“Dismantle. Repair” has to be my favorite song of theirs. The acoustic version is my favorite, but feel free to rock out to the original version if you look it up.

Listen and Love:

Dismantle. Repair –>

The Haunting —>

A Whisper and a Clamor —>

See you next Thursday!


Hello, Thursday!

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re having a happy Thursday. If you aren’t, today’s Things I Love should perk you right up. Here we go!



1. One of my favorite online T-shirt shops is They’re pretty much the opposite of the generic graphic tees you see anywhere else. I could spend hours browsing their seemingly endless supply of funky shirts. And they’ve got a shirt for pretty much every taste. Zombies, robots, owls, music, video games, art, brainy stuff, math stuff, and any other kind of stuff you can think to put on a T-shirt! Their prices are pretty mind-blowing too. I’ve seen shirts on clearance for as little as $5! If you haven’t heard of them before, check them out.

2. As you know, it is summer. And sometimes in this season people go on these things called vacations. My vacation starts tomorrow at midnight! My parents have rented a condo at the beach in an adorable little beach town west of Destin, Florida and I couldn’t be more excited to get there. We’re leaving at midnight tomorrow so we can get there and not have wasted an entire day driving. We’ve never been to the beach as just our little family. It’s usually us with our entire extended family on my dad’s side (grandparents + 10-12 adults + 27 first cousins and their spouses if they have them. It’s a huge group, but I love them), so this will be a different experience for us. Can’t wait to be at the beach. Did I mention I’m excited??

3.  The little pom-pom things you see in the picture at the top are something I currently can’t get enough of. I started seeing them show up at weddings and in people’s houses, and thought they looked so neat. I wanted to try and make some, but they looked really intimidating until one day I finally figured it out using printer paper! I’ve made a few since, and really want to try making one out of fabric soon. Why buy something if you could make it yourself, right??

4. If you recall last week’s TILT post, you’ll remember my excitement about the new Harry Potter movie coming out (in ONE WEEK!!). Well I decided to start reading the books, but I only had the 2nd, 4th, and 7th ones. One I got from a Secret Santa game, another I got on a road trip to Mexico, and the other I don’t even remember how it came to live on my bookshelf. I guess I never really cared enough to complete my set, so they sat unread and incomplete for years. But not for long! I was in the process of checking out at, the other 4 books in my cart, when I thought “There has to be a site where I can get these cheaper.” So to Google I went and searched for “cheap book sites”, and found, the most glorious book purchasing website to ever exist (or at least that’s my opinion)! Sure, the books are used, but if you don’t care about that (which I don’t, at all), this site will be your best friend. I bought the four HP books I didn’t own for a combined total of $12 with free shipping. I repeat, twelve dollars. FREE SHIPPING!! Four HARDCOVER, giant books for TWELVE DOLLARS! Thriftbooks wins the game.



The end.


ps- I highly doubt I’ll be blogging next Thursday. Instead I’ll be laying on a beach reading, soaking up some sun, and enjoying my 8-day escape from reality. See you in two weeks! 😀




Ready? Set. Thursday!

Sorry for skipping TILT last week. It was a crazy day, and sadly the blog was the last thing on my mind. But not today my dears!

Let the blogging begin!

1. I can’t even begin to explain how crazy-excited I am about the next (and final) Harry Potter movie coming out. I’m literally counting down the days. July 15th could not come fast enough. Can. Not. Wait.

2. If you live in this hemisphere, you undoubtedly know that it is currently summer, especially if you live in Texas. And in my opinion, summer cannot be truly summer without an appropriate playlist. My summer playlist needs to consist of nothing but happy, bouncy, feel-good songs. Sadness is simply not allowed. It’s a toe-tapping mix of car jams. The kind of music you can dance to in your car and not care who sees you looking like a complete goof ball as you drive down the road because it’s just that good. If you have your own summer playlist, I’d love for you to share it with me. Just comment, and tell me what you’re jamming to this summer 🙂

My Summer Playlist

1. Price Tag – Jessie J

2. The Bird and the Worm – Owl City

3. I’ll Be Waiting – Adele

4. Misery – Maroon 5

5. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

6. Bright Lights Bigger City – Cee Lo Green

7. The Golden Age – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

8. Cosmic Love – Florence and The Machine

9. Secret Crowds – Angels and Airwaves

10. Blame Me! Blame Me! – Anberlin

3. is one of the greatest things to ever exist on the web. It is a marketplace website where crafty homemakers, artists, small businesses, and just about whoever can sell their hand made goods and lovely things.  Pretty much exactly like the Canton Trade Days, only online. I love Etsy because it’s about as unique and artsy-fartsy as it gets. And when you find that one thing you can’t live without (because I guarantee you will), you’ll actually be able to buy it (instead of dream about buying it) because since the items are handmade and usually come straight from someone’s living room to your front door instead of passing through fifteen middle men, the vendors can keep the prices super low. The other day I bought a business card holder hand made from two forks for $5 with $2 shipping. It doesn’t get much better than that my friends.

I’ve purchased lots of stuff from Etsy. One thing that I’m most proud of is my laptop case. It’s a padded fabric sleeve with a big chunky button at the opening to hold it closed when I’m on the go. See!

I was searching Etsy for something to put my laptop in, and found this iPad case made out of this adorable fabric. But of course my laptop was bigger than an iPad, so I just took a chance and asked the vendor if she could make the advertised iPad case to fit the dimensions of my laptop. And one very friendly, non-robot conversation later my laptop case was being made and would soon be in the mail! That’s what I love about Etsy more than anything. It’s personal. You can customize an order if you just ask, because you’re able to talk to the creator directly! It’s like being able to call up Vera Wang and tell her you want the sleeves a little shorter on that blouse she’s designing for you. I beg you, click the link. Have fun spending the next twelve hours lost in the greatness of

4. Annnnnd last but not least is Photography by Meg. She is a new obsession of mine. I found out about her just yesterday, and have been so inspired already! She’s the only other photographer, other than Brooke Courtney (whom I obsessively stalk on a daily basis), that truly inspires me. I go to Brooke’s site all the time because I love the angles, lighting, and general spirit she seems to create in her shots. I steal ideas from her and make them my own because I’m still trying to decide what kind of photographer I want to be. It helps to have people who inspire you when you’re not sure what you’re doing and need a little guidance. Meg and Brooke have become that to me. Check out Meg’s stuff. She’s fantastic.

Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday!