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Hey it’s Thursday!

Hey guys!

It’s Thursday, are you excited?? Yeah, probably not.

Before I let you in on this week’s TILT, I wanna give a big happy birthday shout out to the beautiful Holley Gee! We’ve been friends since preschool and best friends for almost that long.  My best friend Chaney, Holley, my big sis Melody, and my birthdays are all pretty close on the calendar (Holley, Mel, and Chaney’s are all in the next five days, then mine’s in November) so I love this time of the year because that means we get to have lots of fun parties and see each other more than we normally do. Yay celebrations!

She’s the greatest and the first of our group of friends to shake hands with the twenties! So head on over to Holley’s blog and say happy birthday!

ONE. Ok, once again I was perusing the greatness of Pinterest and kept seeing these nails with words on them. First I thought it was kind of creepy, but then it grew on me so I had to find out how they did it. The thing I LOVE about Pinterest is that it’s not just a collection of pictures of stuff. Most of the pictures come with links that take you to it’s origin. So like with the picture of the nails, all I had to do was click the picture to find out how to do it! And now all you have to do is click to find out too! I love it when people go outside the box with style but do it in inexpensive ways. Who doesn’t have rubbing alcohol and newspaper, I mean really??


TWO. My sister Melody told me about this website in a blog she did this week. It’s called You are Not a Photographer. It’s like Cake Wrecks (you’ll remember from a few weeks ago) but for photography. The blogger in his/her comments can sometimes be pretty brutal and harsh, but I’m glad someone’s brave enough to have a blog like this. I’m not trying to start a debate about what’s art and what’s not, because of course all of that is subjective. If you take pictures and you’re proud of your work, then that should be all you need.  If someone’s bashing your work because they don’t like the way you use flash or how you edit the pics you take then that’s their problem. If you like flash, use it. That’s what it’s there for! Confidence in yourself  and a love for your lens is all that should matter, not someone else’s opinion.

But it is fun to look at some of the absolutely rediculous stuff people are putting out there in the name of  photography. That might be a little hypocritical but hey, it’s whatever.

Obviously this subject is pretty touchy and controversial. I mean, the blog has a whole page for hate mail for crying out loud.

THREE. It’s been forever since I’ve thought about The Mystery Guitar Man. I remember watching his videos my senior year of high school and being in complete awe. He’s a YouTube sensation, one man band with insane talent and creativity. He covers songs in really unique ways, and creates really neat music. He’s in the top ten most subscribed YouTube channels of all time (not joking) and boy is he a wizard with a Kazoo. I LOVE it!

Watch and love!

Kazoo skills….I mean, come on!!

Greatest thing ever…

FOUR. I was up last night putting together a birthday present (told ya there were tons of bdays this weekend!) and happened to have Leno on in the background. Normally I turn it when the musical guests come on because most of the time they’re no good (my opinion), but I wasn’t paying attention so when I heard this awesome voice coming out of my TV, I grabbed my remote and cranked the volume. The voice was that of Lisa Hannigan. She sounds like a weird hybrid mix of Amy Grant and Ellie Goulding (crazy, right?!). I’m so into this kind of music, so she is now my new favorite.

Listen and Love!
(Pistachio is my favorite song of hers but I couldn’t find a good video of it)

Stay Creative!



Things I Love Thursday

Howdy everyone!

I’m so excited for this week’s post! It’s chock-full of lovable things, mostly for the ladies this time though (sorry fellas).

Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Here we go!

ONE.   Ok, so lately I’ve had this growing obsession with heels. I picked turquoise ones for the picture because that’s my favorite color, but I have this whole wish list of heels I’m dying to get. A few favorite online stores that have great, fairly inexpensive shoes are,, and (Duh!)

Here’s a few on my wish list:

TWO.   I was perusing StumbleUpon one day and found The Beauty Department. Why have I never heard of this website before?! Any girl who halfway cares about being trendy needs to make this site her best friend. It was created by Lauren Conrad (super stylish fashonista and former star of Laguna Beach and The Hills), Kristin Ess, and Amy Nadine. The website focuses mostly on hair, makeup, and nails giving tutorials and ideas for nearly every post. Just take a few minutes and wander the site, it’s so cool!

THREE.  I found this hair tutorial on Pinterest the other day, and am dying to try it. First of all, I LOVE tutorials of any kind. I’m such a visual learner. If there was a blog post that told me how to tie dye clothes for my pet hamster or something, but didn’t provide pictures as to what it needed to look like as I went along I’d have a panic attack. That’s why this tutorial is something I love. I’ve been growing my hair out for a few months now because every trendy hairstyle I find would never work with the short hair I’ve had for a the past few years. One of my favorite styles that I can’t way to try when my hair’s long enough is the one this tutorial demonstrates. Love it!

FOUR. If you didn’t already know, I am a college student (at TAMU-C to be exact). And college student means dorm life, and dorm life means late night snacks. One of my “eat it like it’s covered in crack” snacks (unintentional rhyme) is Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos. Oh good Lord they’re my favorite.

Stay Creative!!


Things YOU Love Thursday

Hello readers!


As I started thinking about what this week’s TILT would be, looking over my dwindling ideas list I thought it’d be fun to give you all the chance to tell me what you love. So I’ve decided to break from the norm and pass the mic to you! I’m curious to know what everyone’s favorite things are. So go ahead, scroll on down to the comment box and tell me your favorite of the following:


2. Blog

3. Website

4. Snack/food/recipe

5. Online store


Yay interactive!




Ready. Set. GO!!!





p.s. Bear with me. I’m trying to get the site looking hip and spiffy so it’ll probably look different every day for the next week or so as my OCD brain tries to get it perfect. Feel free to chime in on how you feel about it too!


Miss Sierra Wiseman

Meet Sierra Wiseman; the beautiful and always hilarious junior at Sabine High. She called me a few weeks ago needing some headshots because she’d just been voted Miss Sabine. Every year the junior class votes for the girl they want to represent them in the Miss Gregg County pagent that’s held at the Gregg County Fair in September. It’s a really big deal. Sierra and I had worked together before on the cheerleader session I posted a few weeks ago so I knew we’d have a good time. She was such a good sport to come out and do pictures on her birthday, and for being my guinea pig. I’d been itching to try 0ut some new ideas and she was all for it! We hopped a few fences, fought the crazy winds, and got our fair share of thorns stuck in our legs, but I’m SO happy with how the pictures came out. Enjoyyy!

Hint: Click on the pictures to see them larger.






Things I Love Thursday

Hi everyone,

Time for awesomeness!

Uno: So lately I’ve been completely obsessed with the color gray (or “grey” for you weirdos who spell it that way). It started with the purchase of gray nail polish, and I’ve been hooked ever since. When decorating my dorm room for this year I went gray crazy. My sheets and duvet cover are a lovely shade of light gray, as well as my curtains and this cool cork display I designed for one of my walls. Gray is the new black? I think YES!!

Dos: One of my favorite shows for a long time has been No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. I remember seeing random episodes on Food Network back in the day (before the network was overrun with lame competition shows), but now it’s one of the Travel Channel’s most watched shows. Each episode Anthony is in a different country, city, or region and usually has a few people in the area show him around. It revolves mostly on the foods widely eaten and enjoyed by the locals, but is about as far as you can get from your average travel show (i.e. Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends, $40 a Day). He really focuses on the things most people don’t see when they travel; the “road less traveled” if you will. It’s a really fantastic show. It comes on the Travel Channel on Monday evenings so set those DVRs!

Tres: Aside from the color gray, I’m also currently obsessed with all things chevron. I started seeing people’s designs on Pinterest that had this pattern somehow incorporated in their rooms or clothes so I decided to try it. I made these cool different colored chevron patterns that I put in frames and hung on my dorm wall, and now I’m in love with it! I suggest you search “chevron pattern” on Pinterest or Etsy and just look at all the cool things people are doing with it. I’m hoping this isn’t a fad that ever dies, but I do have this sinking feeling that in five years we’re going to see mountains of chevron rugs, curtains, and comforters in the back corners of local Goodwill stores. Oh well, it’ll be fun while it lasts!

Cuatro: First, you should know, I’m a huge cheese lover. It is quite possibly my favorite food ever. And though I do enjoy many cheeses, Feta has to be in my top five no doubt. I’ve just started seeing a lot of it in grocery stores over the past year so it’s really accessible to anyone who’s adventurous and wants to try it. It’s salty and crumbly, and goes good on just about anything. One of my favorite recipes that has Feta in it are these spinach and feta burgers my big sister made one night when I slept over at her place. Any other cheese lovers out there?? If you haven’t tried Feta, try it! Be adventurous!

-Stay creative!


Hey it’s Thursday!

Hello readers!

Happy Thursday and first day of September! Here we go!!

1. Alyse French is one of the photographers that I obsessively keep up with. She does the kind of work I try to create, so it’s awesome to watch how she works and get ideas from her pictures. She’s a Houston based wedding photographer and nifty things blogger (just like me!). Check her out!!

2. Before summer escapes us I’d like to share with you one of my favorite summer treats: Pop Ice! You know, those plastic tubes filled with mysterious colored liquid that you freeze and enjoy as a delicious poolside snack. In my opinion, it’s never summer until someone busts out the Pop Ice. Even if summer is starting to dwindle, I doubt this crazy heat will leave as soon. I’m sure the majority of you guys have heard of these yummy popsicles, but I thought I’d let the record show how much I love them.

3. Saturday Night Live has been a favorite at my house for as long as I can remember. It’s rare for us to go a day without some sort of reference being made about a hilarious skit from a past episode. SNL is incredibly well known, and I doubt there are many people who haven’t heard of it. Some of the skits they do nowadays can get pretty racy, but that’s what the mute and channel changing buttons are for! The current cast is hilarious and the skits are genius. My favorites are “What’s Up With That?”, “Secret Word”, and most of the digital shorts. If you enjoy laughing I totally suggest you watch this Saturday at 10:30.

4. A few weeks ago I was perusing Pinterest yet again and magically discovered The Oatmeal. No, it is not the delicious breakfast food you’re thinking of. It’s a hilarious comic website chock full of sarcasm, if you’re into that sort of thing. The entire website is funny, but the comics are my favorite, and that’s where the link will take you. My favorite one is “Ten words you need to stop misspelling.” Genius, and highly educational! Check it out!

Happy Thursday!