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Things I Love Thursday

I’m so excited about this week’s post. Lots of lovely things that I’m so ready to share with you all.

Here we go!

ONE. I love my mascara. I’ve used Cover Girl Volume Exact in Waterproof Very Black  as my go-to for a couple of years now, and is complete magic. I’ve used mascaras before that flake off during the day, or were supposed to be waterproof but I always ended up looking like a weepy mess if it was even a tiny bit humid outside. This mascara, however, is wonderful! If you’re in need of a faithful mascara, this is it!

TWO. For as long as I can remember, my family have been cat people. Growing up we always had a cat or two running around. We had a dog for a while once though. Her name was Sadie, and well…it was a disaster. She was sweet, but 100% psycho. But someday, if I ever get out of college, I’m going to try the dog thing again and the dog that I dream of getting is the Bull Terrier. You’ve seen one before. Allow me to jog your memory:

I first fell in love with this dog when I saw it on Target commercials. They’re so unique looking. I love the long, funky face they have, and their short stocky build. They’re advertised as “an exceedingly friendly dog, with a sweet and fun-loving disposition” (exactly what I want in a dog!). I even saw someone online say that they’re “like a three year old in a dog’s body.” Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but they’re so stinking cute!

THREE: The weather this week has been incredible. Highs in the sixties and seventies, lows in the forties. Perfection. So since the weather has been so lovely, it has put me in my favorite mood of the year: apple cider mood. I’m addicted to hot apple cider, spiced tea, and pretty much any hot holiday beverage. But apple cider is my number one.

Hooray for this cold weather! I hope it lasts.

FOUR. I found this neat blog recently that I really love. A Small Snippet is this hilarious woman’s blog about crafty DIY things she does around her house or for her two adorable kids, as well as her every day life. I love just scanning through all of her posts and dreaming about having a house of my own someday to decorate and be crafty all the time. Check it out if you love craftiness as much as I do!

Stay Creative!



Things I Love Thursday – Surviving Sickness Edition

Hello faithful readers!

This week, literally the past seven days, I have spent fighting the cold of the century. I’m 75% better now, but I’d like to dedicate this week to things that kept me alive whilst (yes, I say whilst) I was under the weather.

Here we go!!

ONE. A must-have when battling a cold is lots and LOTS of tissues. Have boxes all over the place so the second a sneeze sneak attacks you, you’ll be armed with the best two-ply defense out there. We’ve all had that cold before where after two days of tissue using, you look like Rudolph because you’ve rubbed your entire nose raw, right? Well I’m here to tell you that Puffs are the best. The lotion kind are ten billion times better than Kleenex, don’t fall apart, and don’t give you Rudolph-nose! Hooray!

TWO. Monday of this week was horrible. I had classes & things from 8-5 and felt like a complete zombie the entire time.

But what made it better was the greatest tea on the planet: Tazo’s Passion tea. This tea has been my favorite for years. It’s fruity, spicy, and chock full of herbs and stuff! I filled a big thermos full of this tea before my 8am class on Monday, and it saved my life. There’s something about yummy hot tea or soup when you’re sick that immediately makes you feel better.  They have it at Starbucks, and sell it at most grocery stores! This tea will make your tummy happy, sick or not so pick yourself up some and give it a try!

THREE. If you’ve never heard of the NetiPot, I’m glad to be the one to introduce you to this greatness. What is a NetiPot you ask? Well, it’s a sinus rinsing device, which is just the nice way of saying nose cleaner. Grossed out yet?? Just wait. I’m not going to explain how to use it, just that you mix these mineral packets into warm water then…um…follow the directions on the box. My mom hates when I use mine at home. She thinks it’s disgusting, but I’m here to testify that it’s incredible. And it’s all-natural! If you have lots of sinus gunk, then give this thing a try. I have heard people having issues with the teapot version (like in the picture above), so I recommend the bottle. It’s cheaper, and it works like a charm. I have the bottle and it’s never done me wrong. Here’s a pic:

I must warn you though. Do NOT Google “Neti Pot” in Google Images…just…don’t. *shudders*

You’ve been warned.

FOUR. My all-time favorite sickness companion is Nyquil. Good gravy this stuff is amazing. Some of the best sleep I’ve ever had was all due to this amazing medicine. Essentially it’s cough syrup so if you can’t stomach regular cough syrup then this isn’t for you. But if you’ve got a cold, this would be my only recommendation if I had to pick only one of today’s products. Also, the cherry flavor is the only way to go. That crazy green and orange stuff? Nuh uh. Cherry all the way.

Stay creative!


First Thursday of October!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely fall weather! It’s been lovely here in Commerce this week. Sweater in the morning, short sleeves by lunch kind of days.

But enough about the weather. Let’s get on to the good stuff!!

ONE. I’ve used this face powder for close to three years now, and I LOVE it! The coverage is fantastic, and it blends brilliantly. One of my favorite things about this product is that it has sunscreen mixed into the powder. It protects your skin AND makes you look all pretty! If you go out and get some, I suggest grabbing a liquid or cream foundation too. Using foundation primes your face so the powder will stick better and you’ll use WAY less this way. My favorite foundation is Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse. Awesome stuff and about as cheap as it comes!

Random tip: I also suggest putting a little foundation on your eyelids too before putting on eye shadow. You’ll use less makeup and will have perfectly shadowed eyes all day long!

TWO. I was looking around for cool photography blogs and websites the other day and found Such a cool idea. They compile pictures people send in that combine an old picture with a new one in the same shot. I’m not sure I can explain it very well, so I’ll just show you some of the pictures from their site.

p.s.- when I linked their website to this blog, it didn’t ever work for me. Even typing their web address into my browser wouldn’t work. So if the link above doesn’t work, try googling “dear photograph” and click one of the links until it works. Sorry for the run around.

THREE. Ok let me start off by saying, this soap is amazing. Seriously, magic soap. I moved back to Commerce almost two months ago and the change in environment really hit me hard this year. The water change threw my skin into “I’m gonna be red, puffy, and constantly break out” mode. I had been using Purity  for the longest time as my every day face wash and makeup remover, but that seemed to only be making my skin worse. So one day my mom suggested I try Caress and it completely rocked my world. My skin cleared up within a few days and now life is good! Miracle soap. You gotta try it.

FOUR. One: I love chocolate. Two: I love cereal. So clearly me and this cereal were meant to be. It’s the perfect midnight snack! And super good for you too, can you believe it!? Give this cereal a try. You won’t be disappointed!

-Stay Creative!