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Adrienne & Nick

I owe this wedding to the awesomeness of Jennifer Exline, of Blue Tulip Photography. She had this wedding booked and two weeks before the big day, called me saying she had broken her foot and couldn’t make it so she asked if I could fill in for her. I don’t mean Jennifer breaking her foot was awesome, only the fact that she thought of me to take over the wedding is awesome. A person’s bodily harm is never awesome…I digress.

This entire wedding experience was a blast. From the people to the location, it was all a joy. Adrienne and Nick are two hilarious lovebirds who are gaga for eachother. The look in their eyes as the day moved on was the best part. If you’ve ever seen two people in love, the way they look at one another is indescribable; a kind of wordless expression that, to me, completely confirms its heavenly origins. There’s just nothing like it, and boy did these two have it! The atmosphere of the day was full of that love too, something pretty rare these days. What I loved the most was the story behind Adrienne’s dress. Adrienne’s mother, Phyllis, made the dress (MADE it. What?!). And Phyllis’ mother had made her wedding dress. How special to have your mom make the dress you get married in. Traditions are the greatest, aren’t they?! Well, the wedding was lovely and I was overjoyed to be a little fly on the wall during it all.

Enjoy the pictures, because there are a lot of them!

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Everett “E Man” Haynes

Meet baby Everett, affectionately known by his grandmother as “E Man.” Rachel, Everett’s mother, is the daughter of Terry Kerns. Terry and her family were the first to ever hire me for a portrait session. I love this family. Rachel and I had tried to schedule a time to meet at a park, but got rained out. We rescheduled to take them at my home church, but again, got rained out so instead of making plans for another time we just went inside and took them under the florescent lights in the church foyer (something I’m normally not into doing, but it ended up working). Everett was pretty grumpy as we started, but cheered up soon enough making for an awesome session with an adorable little boy.

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’tis the season

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday! Spend lots of time with family and friends, eat as much food as possible, catch up on some sleep, eat more food, and ring in the New Year with lots of fireworks and noise-makers. I’m so looking forward to this next week and the family time and relaxaion that will be happening at my house. I wish you all a very merry Christmas! Stay safe!!






The Couch Family

The Couch family have been apart of my home church for as long as I can remember. Caryn Couch (the matriarch of the family) is a well known real estate agent in the area, and even sold our house for us when I was in the first grade. She and her husband, Travis, have three gorgeous daughters who are all married and two have kids, so there were lots of people around for their family session a few days ago. Thanks to Caryn’s amazing connections, we got permission to shoot at this fantastic old red barn in my home town of Liberty City. This family was a blast to photograph, and I was honored to be asked to do it.

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I Won!!

So all this month Brooke Courtney has been giving away nifty little things along with portrait sessions and other such goodies. Being the stalker that I am when it comes to Brooke Courtney Photography I’ve entered almost every day. Yesterday’s prize was a book called Curious Cats. From the looks of it it’s a book full of pictures of cats wandering around and being cute.

“Oh sweet!,” thought young Shelby to herself, “I love books, and I love cats! This is perfect!”

The criteria to enter the contest that day was to comment on the blog telling why you love cats, or why you love your cat(s). Of course I wrote about my awesome cat, Ike. He’s a hilarious, shoulder-riding, bowl-sleeping, door-perching feline who has become somewhat famous among my group of friends. Well, anyway I said a few things about him, added a few pictures…

…and sent it off into cyber space hoping for a win.

I checked back this morning and the first sentence of today’s blog read, “Congrats to Shelby Taylor….”

I won!!!

Looks like Christmas is coming early this year!

And now I anxiously await the cat book’s arrival…

Things I Love Thursday + Exciting News

Things I Love Thursday is finally back everyone!

I survived Dead Week and Finals, still have a pulse, and made it home safe with about 45 suit cases crammed inside my tiny little Civic only hours ago.

Also, I have some very exciting news to share. Yesterday I launched the new look (which started as a Winter look, but I like it so much I’m thinking about keeping it) and it got so many views that you guys broke this site’s record for the most views I’ve had in a day within only a few hours of my posting it! I had no idea that many people even knew I existed, so thank you so much for taking the time to click a little link. For someone trying to turn this photography thing into something, it means an awful lot.

Now, on to the good stuff! I’m so completely excited about today’s post. I’ve had to keep quiet about one of them quiet until now and it’s been torture.

Here we go!




ONE. Prepare yourself. I’m about to reveal a photographer’s secret… By FAR the cheapest place I’ve found to order picture prints from. You can get anything from simple 3x5s all the way up to giant canvas prints. They’ll back them in foam core, wrap them gallery style around a 3D frame, and print them on just about any paper you can imagine. They even have sections on the site where you can create Christmas cards and accordion folds. I use it to design and order coffee table books for brides. The software is SO easy to use and gives you tons of creative liberties in how you want it to look. The next time you need pictures printed, please give your wallet a rest and use Mpix. It has changed my life.


TWO. This semester I took an astronomy class as one of my science credits; mainly because everyone said it was easy and the professor was awesome. The professor was amazing, but the class was far from easy. My lab for this class was mostly learning constellations of the different seasonal skies (y’know…the seasons! Fall, Spring, blah blah blah). The labs were easy and everything but when it came down to the final, our professor was like “Surprise! You have to have 30 constellations memorized by finals week!” Suddenly I was in a panic. How was I supposed to study for this!? It’s not like the average college student has a planetarium handy where they can go and learn these things like we did in class. So after researching a few software options online I found Google Sky***.

Coolest. Thing. Ever.
If you have Google Earth on your computer, there’s a tab at the top that looks like Saturn, and under that you’ll see options for Earth, Sky, Mars, and Moon. Click on Sky and have fun being lost in the wonders of the glory of God for the next twelve hours. As I studied, I kept zooming in on the different galaxies and nebulae and sitting there in awe. “The heavens declare the glory of God…” has never meant more to me. Check it out. It’s free, and a worship experience in and of itself.

***the link will take you to the less-awesome website, but I suggest downloading the Google Earth package and enjoying the incredible image quality of Google Sky


THREE. If, like me, you find yourself on a life-long quest to find the perfect car air freshener you need look no further. Bath & Body Works and their magical crafting of all things sweet smelling has come up with the perfect car accoutrement, the Scentportable. This nifty little device is designed to hold these crazy little scent cups and slide neatly on the edge of your visor like a garage door opener. The scents look a little something like this.

It’s $5.00 for a package of two scent cups (BARGAIN!). The scents last for about three months each (sooo much longer than those old pine trees) and are so worth checking out. They have about a billion different scents so you’re bound to find one to suit you.


FOUR. Now, for the part I’ve been waiting for….ladies and gentlemen, Young the Giant!! Where has this band been for the past three months as I’ve starved for new music?! I heard them on Jay Leno last night and fell in love. Totally my kind of music. The lead singer, which I’m just gonna go ahead now and ask to marry me (I mean seriously, how gorgeous is he?!? MARRY. ME.), has one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. I got their whole album yesterday as I was packing at 2am and loved it all. Definitely worth your time.


My favorites:







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