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Things I Love Thursday

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday. If not, I hope this post makes it better. If that doesn’t work, then I suggest chocolate…and lots of it.

ONE. This year, as I attend the wondrous university that is TAMU-Commerce, I’ve lived in a dorm all by myself. Living alone has been wonderful, but that’s beside the point. All you really need to know is that I’m in a dorm room. Another bit of information you need is that microwave popcorn is no friend of mine. I have no idea what it is about it, but it messes with me. It gives me headaches and messes with my stomach (not cool). So last semester I decided to try a few ideas I’d found on making your own microwave popcorn. It involved getting loose popcorn and putting it in a brown lunch sack, stapling the top closed (don’t worry, the staples don’t spark in the microwave.) and microwaving it. It’s supposed to act just like the kind you buy at the store.


It most certainly does not work just like the store kind.

I tried it over and over all with the same result. Instead of finding a delicious bag of fluffy hot popcorn, I would open the microwave door and be greeted by a cloud of vicious gray smoke or a matted cake of half-popped kernels. One time it was so bad that I had to unplug the thing from the wall and leave it in my bathroom with the hood vent on to suck out all the smoke before my smoke detector went off.

In the rules of dorm life, you never want to be that person whose smoke alarm goes off and forces the entire building to evacuate at like 6 in the morning because you burned your toaster strudel. Especially when the intercom activates over the wailing fire alarm to tell the firemen and assisting RA’s where to go, the last thing you want is to hear your room number being broadcast to the world. Next you’re standing in the parking lot in your pajamas, freezing cold with everyone staring at you. No one cares that you burned your breakfast, they only wish you were dead.

Back to the popcorn. No, I wasn’t cooking it too long. I tried it on 30 seconds one time and the death cloud of smoke still poured from inside. It had something to do with the fact that the fat you put in the bag to help the popcorn pop ends up being soaked up by the bag instead of the kernels of corn (someone clearly didn’t think things through). Well, after about attempt #4 I was ready to try something new, so I picked up a thing of Jiffy Pop. My best friend came to visit one weekend and as we popped the corn over my cooking element (don’t tell my RA), we left a hole in the foil on accident and ended up making a machine gun that spat out hot unpopped kernels of corn instead of making a delicious bowl of popcorn.

Our fault, I know.

Now comes the good news. After telling my family about my popcorn failures, when I opened my birthday gifts last November I found a hot air popcorn maker. GREATEST. THING. EVER.

It’s essentially a giant hair dryer that makes popcorn. Mine looks similar to the one in the picture above. You take the little plastic lid part off, put about a third of a cup of loose popcorn inside, replace the top, flick the switch and wait. Mine has this handy butter melting cup on the top of the plastic lid that uses the hot air to melt your butter. I usually put a little bit of popcorn salt in the butter so I know it will stick when I pour it on the finished popcorn.

It’s ten times more delicious than microwave popcorn, and so much healthier too. You control the toppings you want, if any, and I’m sure in the long run it’s cheaper too. This machine was about $15, and I bought a big bag of popcorn kernels for close to $3.

I’m never buying microwave popcorn ever again!

TWO. A couple of years ago I started looking around for some new headphones. I thought I would just end up getting more ear buds until I got into my head that I wanted fancy, over the ear kind. Eventually I found these, Sony Extra Bass Over-the-Ear Headphones. They’re incredible. I know that link says their $79, but we got them for my dad for his birthday last year for $50 I think. The sound quality is fantastic, and for the price you can’t beat it! It definitely beats the heck out of $200+ Bose headphones. Even if they are better, I wouldn’t pay that much for headphones I’m only going to wear maybe five times a year on road trips (my opinion of course).

If you’re looking for affordable quality headphones these Sony’s are a great choice! I love mine!

Stay Creative.



Things I Love Thursday!

Hi everyone! You may have already looked down and realized that the post this week looks different than all the others have looked. You may also be thinking to yourself, “But Shelby, why are there only two this time?? Aren’t there supposed to be four?” to which I respond, “Hey. My blog, my rules!”

Just kidding. But seriously.

I’m changing things up a little so I can stretch out my dwindling list of things to share with you good people.

Which, by the way, I’m always eager to hear from you all about some things that you like and think I should try. If you get a new app and fall in love with it, let me know! New store you can’t get enough of? Tell me! I crave your input.

Now, on with the goods.

ONE. My big sister, Melody, bought me the Hunger Games trilogy for Christmas. I didn’t particularly beg for them, but I was pretty interested in reading the books since I’d started hearing so much about them. I started the first book Monday night and finished it this afternoon. That’s how good it was. Now I wish I had begged for them.

Not giving anything away, but I love everything about it. The setting and plot are entirely unique. So well described that I felt, during my breaks between reading, that I could look up outside and see a hovercraft zing by, or suddenly witness some news flash on a screen in the sky. It might even have crossed my mind to start singing to some birds to see if they’d mimic my tune. Seriously, how cool would it be to have a Mockingjay to sing to all the time?! When I read the last page of the novel I was, I’ll admit, totally in love with Peeta, sad for what Gale must think about the whole thing, and half-way wishing little Rue was my sister.

This book is a must read.

Prompting question: What do you think you would do if you got thrown into an arena (about a hundred acres of woods, give or take) with 23 other people and forced to not only survive off of the land, but fight to the death? How long do you think you would last?

Me? I like to think that I’d totally kick butt. I love camping, and am AWESOME at hide and seek. As far as the murdering 23 other people to win part? No idea. I hope I’d be like Katniss, but I’m not nearly as hoss at that girl. In all honesty I’d probably die at the Cornucopia at the very beginning.

TWO.  Behold. Known for their super affordable shoes of all styles, this place is a gem. All I ever try to focus on is their shoes, but they do have some clothes and other things. Kinda hard to focus on anything else when you have EIGHTY ONE pages of shoes staring you in the face.

UrbanOg stands for Urban Original. Not to be confused with Urban Outfitters, that I love, but have serious reservations about after I read several articles from Etsy shop owners who are suing Urban Outfitters for flat out copying their products. Copying? Really Urban Outfitters? Not cool.

So check out UrbanOg and have fun going gaga over the masses of shoes.

Stay Creative,