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Things I Love Thursday

Hello again everyone!

If you care to know, my internet situation is still completely messed up. The part I ordered came with a disc to accompany the device and, of course, the only instructions that came with it were in Chinese. Just one little piece of paper folded in half with Chinese characters typed out to guide you through the installation and setup of the thing that I was counting on to fix my internet problem. With a friend’s help, we found some girls in the music building to translate it for me and it was absolutely no help because my computer doesn’t even do what the instructions say it should do. I am now in the hands of my computer wizard of a brother-in-law for a solution. Let’s pray he can find some way to exercise this demon living in my laptop before I chunk it out the window of a very tall building.

So this week I am, again, writing to you from my beloved corner in the campus library Starbucks. This is our third date this week…things are getting pretty serious.

Ready? Set. Go!

ONE. Hello Somebody is one of my new favorite companies. They make and sell these really neat looking watches, but the reason they sell them is the best. HS is a company committed to feeding the hungry. They were founded in early 2010 with an original goal of feeding a million meals in a calendar year after they encountered children in the mission field who preferred food to toys. The proceeds from everything they sell go toward their efforts to “…feed and educate children, by providing an avenue of knowledge, in order to break the cycle of poverty and hunger within their generation.”

I’ve started examining the things and products I buy, and trying to find companies that sell things I already buy but with a better mission.

For example: I like watches. I would like to buy a watch. I think I’ll go look at Target for this watch. No, wait. Maybe there’s a place that I could purchase a watch that would not only benefit me, but someone else in need (who needs more than the money I give to buy the watch).

There are tons of other companies like Hello Somebody that you can act through to bring freedom, education, nourishment, or just love to people in need. I hope you take time the next time you buy something to see if you could somehow do something outside yourself through the way you spend your money.

I’ll try to spend time in the future telling you more about companies like Hello Somebody that you could use.

TWO. Ladies and gentlemen…in approximately 80 hours I will be boarding a plane to spend four days in my favorite place on the planet, New York City!!! The wind ensemble and chorale are performing in…wait for it…….Carnegie Hall (!!!!!!) on Tuesday so needless to say, I’m a little bit excited. New York City is one of my favorite places to be, and I have sworn to myself (and others) that I will live there at some point in this life. I went once in high school with our choir, and it was awesome but we didn’t have any kind of free time. Everything was scheduled for us. But this trip we get one and a half days of complete free time! Our hotel is a few blocks from Carnegie, 5th avenue, Columbus Circle, and Central Park! My brain still hasn’t absorbed how incredible it’s going to be.

It’s been pretty stressful getting things ready to go, like arranging how to make up stuff for classes I miss, and the fact that midterms are the week after we get back, leaving almost no time to study. And then there’s the endless rehearsals we’ve been having to get things perfect for the concert. All this will instantly be worth it though as soon as I get my first sight of the skyline. I can’t explain how excited I am. Please pray for travel mercies, and general smooth sailing next week. Setting 100 college kids loose on a big city can sometimes get a little rocky.

Have you ever been to New York? What’s your favorite thing to see/do?

P.S. There won’t be a post next Thursday because of the trip. (try not to cry yourself to sleep)

Stay Creative,



Things I Love Thursday

I know, I know. It’s been weeks since my last TILT. Sorry for the unexpected break everyone. First my internet breaks in my dorm, then I find out that it’s not my dorm but my actual laptop that’s the problem. I’ve ordered something that should fix it, but for now I’m writing to you all from a table in the corner of the Starbucks bistro in my campus library. My white chocolate mocha and I send you greetings.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. Hope you gave and received lots of chocolate, I mean love…

Now, onto the fun stuff!



ONE. Something I’ve been trying to start doing for you guys is to wander down aisles at Target or Walmart and try new products to possibly put on the blog. I’ve been using ridiculous amounts of heat on my hair lately and it’s definitely showing. Split ends, and brittle hair doesn’t even begin to cover it. So down the hair care aisle I went in search of a miracle. Garnier’s products have always been good to me. I’m in love with their hairspray and Sleek & Shine serum, so that’s the first brand I went to. And that’s where I found the Sleek & Shine Flat Iron spray. I didn’t want anything that required my hair be wet to use. I just needed a product to put on my hair really fast in the mornings as I got ready for class, and this spray is everything I wanted and more! It’s an alcohol based argan oil spray. Argan oil’s becoming a big deal in hair care lately. It’s awesome for your hair, especially with the mess of cracked out hair I was dealing with. I highly recommend you give this stuff a try.


TWO. About a week after Christmas, I started hearing my mom talk about how bad she wanted to go back to Florida for a vacation. After weeks of bouncing ideas around, we actually decided to go on Spring Break this year. Our favorite place to go is any of the cute little beach towns down Scenic Hwy 30A. We went last summer and stayed in a tiny cramped condo a few blocks from the beach in Seagrove, so this year we wanted to do a little better. We’ve booked an actual house this time that’s on the beach and I’m so excited to spend Spring Break soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach (I know!). My whole point in telling you this is that while my mom was house hunting, she discovered this incredible website called Air B&B. Just go to the website and type in a city you’d like to stay in, and the search results show rooms, guest houses, and even full apartments that people have posted as available for rent.

Fear not. Chances are you aren’t going to rent this room and end up staying in some serial killer’s basement (But take your pepper spray just in case…..kidding). Air BnB has an excellent rating system, and each post includes bunches of pictures of your space so you don’t have to walk into the deal blindly. Here’s a video that will explain things a little more:

The next time I travel I’m so going to use this. The rates are so much better than hotels, and think of the adventure! I’ve heard stories of how helpful the “landlords” are (really just normal people renting out their rooms). I’ve seen a lot of listings where the host will make up a list of their favorite things to do in that particular city and leave it for the guests. Some will escort you around themselves even. But I’ve honestly heard nothing but good things about this website. I have huge plans to travel as much as I can in this life and Air BnB just seems like the coolest way to get that much more in touch with the city you want to visit.




Stay Creative




Happy Anniversary Melody + Jason!

Melody is my big sister and the wonderful blogger/creator at The Rich Style. She married Jason on November 20, 2010, and for their 1-year anniversary I gave them a gift card for a free portrait session. Mel had been begging me for pictures, so it actually worked out quite nicely. I took them to this location I’d been dying to shoot. I pass it on my drive to Commerce, just outside of Big Sandy, down Hwy 80. The sign says it leads to some kind of golf course, but I’ve never ventured far enough down the road to see it. The pristine white-fenced pasture dotted with cows and driveway lined with trees are incredibly hypnotizing. It’s a gorgeous location, and I have a feeling it will become one of my go-to spots.

These pictures are about three months late, but I’m thrilled to finally get to posting them. It’s taken me weeks of back and forth editing to get the pictures looking how I want them. I don’t usually use a lot of effects on my pictures, but I started falling in love over the past few months with Ben Blood and Jonas Peterson’s work and thought I’d try to channel them a little bit for this session. Not that I’m abandoning the whole natural light thing, but there’s nothing wrong with trying a little something new, right?

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think. I love and crave your input.

Stay creative!