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Things I Love Thursday – Humor Edition

This Thursday is a day for laughing. I don’t have class tomorrow because the choir and wind ensemble are going to Austin/San Antonio to do our Carnegie concert for some pretty important people at this conference called CBDNA, so today is like my Friday. And there was much rejoicing.

So because this might as well be Friday, I am in a great mood. Here are a couple of things that I hope make you smile.

ONE. I can’t believe I’ve never shared Stuff Christians Like with you all before. SCL started as a blog by a guy named Jon Acuff (ayycuff, not aaaacuff or ahhhcuff) and it. is. HILARIOUS!!! He’s most well known for coining the term, “Jesus Juke,” which is when someone basically guilt-trips you by drastically turning the conversation to things of God. Here’s the example he uses in the original blog post on Jesus Juking:

Preface: he’s talking about weird stuff that happens to him when he flys.

“At another airport I went to, a humongous bodybuilder spent his time in the terminal doing ferocious push ups right beside me. I tweeted about it and folks told me to prove it with a photo. Not likely. One of my rules for twitter is never snap photos of people who can snap you. And this guy could have broken me in half like a thin blogger branch.

But in all the responses from people asking me questions about the terminal B2 bodybuilder, one stuck out. It was different than the rest, but is something I am growing familiar with.

I call it the ‘Jesus Juke.’

Like a football player juking you at the last second and going a different direction, the Jesus Juke is when someone takes what is clearly a joke filled conversation and completely reverses direction into something serious and holy.

In this particular case, when I tweeted a joke about the guy doing pushups, someone tweeted me back, ‘Imagine If we were that dedicated in our faith, family, and finances?'”

Continue reading once your laughter has subsided…

Now you’re thinking of all the times someone has done that to you, aren’t you?? Sunday School teachers, family members hoping to squeeze in a little Jesus into the awkward holiday dinner. I know it’s happened to me. It’s become a joke, when I’m at home, to try sneak a Jesus Juke into normal conversation. My little sister talking about how far she ran in gym that day. My response? “If only we were all that dedicated in our Christian lives…” (spoken in a “Well bless your heart” kind of southern accent of course, for effect.)

The blog quickly popularized and the posts kept coming. Hilarious things that Christians do that no one really can explain or find a reason why. The friendly side hug is another SCL favorite. Read here for more about the side hug.

I read Jon’s blog almost daily, and I absolutely love it. I love people who break down the pretense that Christians have somehow become known for. Breaking down walls and helping people laugh at themselves is never a bad thing. It helps keep us real, and a lot of times humble. So if you’re in the mood to laugh, or need help getting over yourself (sorry if that sounds harsh) then I HIGHLY recommend you pick up this book and/or start reading the blog.

P.S.- It’s totally God-centered. It’s not some Atheist guy bashing Christians. Go here to read his bio.

TWO. This week I had every intention on giving you guys some new music to check out, but for the first time in a while I was disappointed by the reference I’d gotten. I was up late a few nights ago and after watching one of my favorite late shows, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Carson Daily’s show came on and I didn’t turn it. He was at SXSW and was featuring this “up and coming artist” named Ed Sheeran. They played a few clips of him doing some acoustic stuff and he sounded great, “He’s like a male Adele,” I thought to myself. But no. No he most certainly is not. He does have an outstanding voice, but his style is leaning more toward the whole Owl City world than the sultry sounds of my precious Adele. He’s actually more of a rapping Owl City Bieber (or something…) than Adele. When I went to find some YouTube vids of this fella, I quickly learned that my expectations were wrong. One of the videos I clicked on was the official music video for his song “Lego House.” I clicked because of the interesting title, and it turned out to be more than just the title that was interesting.

Take a look at the first 45 second of this video…

“Wait…”, you must be saying to yourself, “Who is that guy!? That looks JUST LIKE that dude that played Ron in the Harry Potter movies! Like FREAKISHLY similar to him.”

Well you’re instincts would be correct! That’s right, Rupert Grint plays a crazed stalker obsessed fan of Ed in the video and I thought it was hilarious.

I mean, look how similar they look!

I don’t think the video was supposed to be a joke, but when he sticks that piece of chewed gum in his mouth and you realize that he’s pretending to be Ed, it was just so bizarre that it was funny!

I hope it makes you laugh.

Stay Creative,



Things I Love Thursday (it’s been a while)

Hi everyone!
So, it’s been a while hasn’t it?? My apologies you guys. I’d say I’ll try to be better, but Lord knows that probably won’t work out. I do know of this great blogger. She’s super faithful (unlike me), hilarious, interesting, and incredibly fashionable! She’s also pretty cute, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister. Check this chick out, and tell the world!

Now, on to the good stuff!

ONE. My little sister got the newest Coldplay album for her birthday last week, and had to import the CD to my iTunes to get it to go on her iPod, so I figured I’d just go ahead and put it on mine too. I’d heard good things about it, so I was pretty anxious to give it a listen. Turns out, it’s fantastic! I’ve been a big Coldplay fan for a while now, and this album certainly doesn’t disappoint.

A few of my favorites:

TWO. I stayed at someone’s house a few weekends ago and kept noticing how amazing the place smelled all the time. I never saw any candles burning, or heard any of those annoying air fresheners on a timer (you know, like the kind you see in public bathrooms that always have the most random scents in them like “Pine Forest.” Who wants their bathroom to smell like a forest?!) going off. But eventually I figured it out. This person had, stationed in just about every room, these cute little ceramic pot things plugged into the wall and on top of it was a little pool of melted wax that smelled divine. I later learned that these were from a company called Scentsy, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. They’re sort of perfect for my dorm-life situation because there’s no open flame, so the chances of me torching this place significantly lessen with this nifty little crock pot of aroma-therapeutic goodness. I bought mine at Wal-Mart. It’s not Scentsy brand, but hey it gets the job done and Wal-Mart’s selections were more than enough for me. Other pluses of these scent warmers? The stuff lasts forrreverr. The wax comes in little containers like this

and I put two cubes of wax in mine two weeks ago and it’s still going strong (and I have mine on almost constantly). Unlike candles, these things seem eternal, and at around $15 for the pot and $2 for the wax, this thing beats candles hands down in my opinion! Totally worth the money, and pays for itself in no time. Give these a try and you won’t be let down.

Stay Creative