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Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!



ONE. My sister told me about Followgram and I thought it was a really great idea. People mostly use their phones for things like Twitter and Instagram, but it helps to have a site to go to if you want to check your feeds and either don’t have your phone handy or don’t feel like opening an app. Followgram is just that. You can’t upload pictures and put the Instagram filters on them, but it’s just a place for you to check in with your Instagram feed and see what’s going on. Super cool!


TWO. I can’t remember how I found Wanelo. Wanelo is sort of like Pinterest, but mostly focuses on clothing and accessories. You choose which stores you’d like to follow, and then browse the things they have posted. The cool thing about Wanelo is that it tells you the price of everything and where you can find it. Another neat thing about it is the ease of finding really great stores that you’ve never heard of before. It’s a great way to expand your shopping horizons and check out all that’s really out there. If Pinterest hasn’t already drained every spare second of free time you have, this site definitely will!

Stay Creative,





Things I Love Thursday – Space Edition

Story time. Brace yourself.

This week I was inspired to tell you all about one of my new favorite things, outer space. Most universities require you to take two science courses to graduate, I’m working on finishing up the my second right now. My first was Astronomy: The Solar System, last semester, and this semester is Astronomy: Stars and Universe. Both of these classes have been a lot of fun, at least for me, mostly because I’ve had really great professors. I can’t imagine how awful these classes would be if the professor was horrible.

I’ve always liked stars, but these classes have made me come to love them! Part of the labs for the class have us in the school planetarium (first thing going in my house if I ever hit it rich someday) learning and memorizing a ton of constellations and other things in the sky. It’s just been so cool to be able to go outside at night and look up and know stuff like that. Instead of a bunch of random stars, my mind catches the patterns and says things like, “Ooo, there’s Orion!”

Learning about how the universe works (from a slightly less God-centered point of view than I’d like, but it’s still incredible) and all the different things that are out there has turned every class session into a whole new worship experience! As we learned about different nebula one day, I actually teared up first at the sheer beauty, and then at the fact that the God that created those far away things knit me together (Ps 139:13), has numbered every hair on my head (Luke 12:7), and planned every second of my life for His glory and my good. Doesn’t that thought just give you chills??




So the cool thing I want to tell you about today is a website they let us play with in our astronomy lab called Zooniverse.

There are tons of telescopes on earth that have gathered so much data and taken so many pictures that it takes a group of astronomers years to sort through it all to give the world any new info about what’s happening out in space. So years ago these groups started putting all the raw data online and asked ordinary people to help them sort through it. The first test of this, they’re calling it “civilian science”, was of a whole bunch of pictures of galaxies. They asked people to help narrow them down into three or four categories based on their shape, really easy for people to do and it doesn’t require a PhD in astrophysics. They expected it to take about a year for people to get through all the pictures, but it only ended up taking two weeks. So lots of different groups are now asking civilians to help them with their data, and that’s what Zooniverse is all about. You can choose any project that interests you, and they tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. Neat, right??

From one nerd to another,


Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!

ONE. Jonas Peterson is one of the photographers that I constantly stalk. I love his work and everything about the way he shoots. He’s based in Brisbane, Australia and is aparently very well known because he does weddings in places like Bali, Sweden, New Zealand, and all over the US. There’s not a huge story behind this one like almost all the others things I tell you about, but trust me, this guy is golden.

TWO. As a lot of you know, Picnik is going offline on the 19th. And if you had a Picnik account they probably sent you an email sometime this week reminding you. Since I’m a horrible person and don’t read emails that often, my sister had to be the one to tell me about this new place in a Facebook message yesterday. It’s called PicMonkey (they got REAL creative with the name didn’t they?). The great thing about PicMonkey is that everything is free, unlike Picnik where you needed a premium account to use the coolest features. PicMonkey is pretty much the exact same software as Picnik, so there’s nothing really new to learn. There’s also another website,, that you could use too.

I thought I’d share this with you all because a lot of people have been freaking out about Picnik going offline. For those of us who are too poor to afford Photoshop, these online editing sites are something of a life saver.

Stay Creative!


Things I Love Thursday – I’m alive

This has been a crazy week.

We had some storms come through on Monday, and then Tuesday an even worse batch came through. I’m sure you saw it on the news (it even made national news!). The tornadoes started west of Dallas, and just kept on coming. By the end of it I think they said 6-12 tornadoes actually touched down in the DFW area.

Commerce is about 50 minutes east of Dallas, and as I watched the news and radar it was clear the worst of it was headed straight for us. When the first line came through I was in the music building practicing for a piano lesson. As I played, people just started coming in my practice room saying our department head was telling everyone to get in the practice rooms to take shelter. I had no idea the weather had even gotten that bad because the rooms that I use are in the center of the building and are mostly sound-proof. We sat in the practice rooms for about an hour as the storm passed and then they let us leave, but with a warning that another group of storms would be in town in an hour. So I got my things (my piano lesson was cancelled, thank goodness!) and drove back to my dorm. I walked in my door with my mind racing, trying to figure out a plan in case a tornado really did come. And the chances for one coming seemed to climb higher and higher as I watched the news. They were reporting on all these funnel clouds that were cropping up in almost every city from Dallas to Commerce. Not good.

I finally decided that if I heard the tornado sirens that I was going to grab my purse, laptop, chargers, a pillow and blanket, and my camera bag (couldn’t let it get sucked out to Oz) and go get in a shower. And about twenty minutes after I’d made that decision I heard sirens. Such an eerie feeling.

It was raining so hard that I couldn’t see out my window if there had been a tornado out there, so I grabbed my things and headed for the community shower room (yep. gotta love dorm life) down the hall. It’s central, all tile, and no windows. Just about the best place I could think of. My WiFi reached down the hall, so I snuggled up in a shower stall and waited it out with about twenty other Smith Hall residents. We couldn’t hear anything that was going on; all we could do was wait, and it was pretty scary. I kept the radar going on my laptop which pretty much appointed me chief meteorologist of our bathroom club. So once the massive pink blob had passed and only green spots hovered over Commerce I let everyone know that we could leave. I have officially survived my first tornado scare. Booyah.

There was never a real tornado in Commerce, though I have heard rumors that there was a funnel cloud by one of the dorms. Still, it was a pretty epic day.

Now, on to the fun stuff!

ONE. I got a text from my best friend last week that went a little something like this:

“You HAVE to go look at!!”

And, well, I did! If your best friend tells you to check something out, you do it. They have such cute clothes! If you like Anthropologie, then this is your store. It’s like Anthro, but a lot less expensive. Cheap clothes?? Yes please!!

TWO. People of Earth, I’d like to introduce you to the coolest app ever. It’s called SoundHound, annnnd you’re welcome.

It’s like Shazam, but a whole lot better. This app lets you sing to it or hum the tune of a song and it will tell you what it is! With Shazam, you need the actual artist’s recording, and need lyrics for it to work. But with SoundHound you only need a tune! It’s free too which is a huge plus.

Now whenever you’ve got a tune in your head and can’t remember who sings it or what song it is, this app will be there to save the day!

Stay Creative


Things I Love Thursday – Humor Edition

This Thursday is a day for laughing. I don’t have class tomorrow because the choir and wind ensemble are going to Austin/San Antonio to do our Carnegie concert for some pretty important people at this conference called CBDNA, so today is like my Friday. And there was much rejoicing.

So because this might as well be Friday, I am in a great mood. Here are a couple of things that I hope make you smile.

ONE. I can’t believe I’ve never shared Stuff Christians Like with you all before. SCL started as a blog by a guy named Jon Acuff (ayycuff, not aaaacuff or ahhhcuff) and it. is. HILARIOUS!!! He’s most well known for coining the term, “Jesus Juke,” which is when someone basically guilt-trips you by drastically turning the conversation to things of God. Here’s the example he uses in the original blog post on Jesus Juking:

Preface: he’s talking about weird stuff that happens to him when he flys.

“At another airport I went to, a humongous bodybuilder spent his time in the terminal doing ferocious push ups right beside me. I tweeted about it and folks told me to prove it with a photo. Not likely. One of my rules for twitter is never snap photos of people who can snap you. And this guy could have broken me in half like a thin blogger branch.

But in all the responses from people asking me questions about the terminal B2 bodybuilder, one stuck out. It was different than the rest, but is something I am growing familiar with.

I call it the ‘Jesus Juke.’

Like a football player juking you at the last second and going a different direction, the Jesus Juke is when someone takes what is clearly a joke filled conversation and completely reverses direction into something serious and holy.

In this particular case, when I tweeted a joke about the guy doing pushups, someone tweeted me back, ‘Imagine If we were that dedicated in our faith, family, and finances?'”

Continue reading once your laughter has subsided…

Now you’re thinking of all the times someone has done that to you, aren’t you?? Sunday School teachers, family members hoping to squeeze in a little Jesus into the awkward holiday dinner. I know it’s happened to me. It’s become a joke, when I’m at home, to try sneak a Jesus Juke into normal conversation. My little sister talking about how far she ran in gym that day. My response? “If only we were all that dedicated in our Christian lives…” (spoken in a “Well bless your heart” kind of southern accent of course, for effect.)

The blog quickly popularized and the posts kept coming. Hilarious things that Christians do that no one really can explain or find a reason why. The friendly side hug is another SCL favorite. Read here for more about the side hug.

I read Jon’s blog almost daily, and I absolutely love it. I love people who break down the pretense that Christians have somehow become known for. Breaking down walls and helping people laugh at themselves is never a bad thing. It helps keep us real, and a lot of times humble. So if you’re in the mood to laugh, or need help getting over yourself (sorry if that sounds harsh) then I HIGHLY recommend you pick up this book and/or start reading the blog.

P.S.- It’s totally God-centered. It’s not some Atheist guy bashing Christians. Go here to read his bio.

TWO. This week I had every intention on giving you guys some new music to check out, but for the first time in a while I was disappointed by the reference I’d gotten. I was up late a few nights ago and after watching one of my favorite late shows, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Carson Daily’s show came on and I didn’t turn it. He was at SXSW and was featuring this “up and coming artist” named Ed Sheeran. They played a few clips of him doing some acoustic stuff and he sounded great, “He’s like a male Adele,” I thought to myself. But no. No he most certainly is not. He does have an outstanding voice, but his style is leaning more toward the whole Owl City world than the sultry sounds of my precious Adele. He’s actually more of a rapping Owl City Bieber (or something…) than Adele. When I went to find some YouTube vids of this fella, I quickly learned that my expectations were wrong. One of the videos I clicked on was the official music video for his song “Lego House.” I clicked because of the interesting title, and it turned out to be more than just the title that was interesting.

Take a look at the first 45 second of this video…

“Wait…”, you must be saying to yourself, “Who is that guy!? That looks JUST LIKE that dude that played Ron in the Harry Potter movies! Like FREAKISHLY similar to him.”

Well you’re instincts would be correct! That’s right, Rupert Grint plays a crazed stalker obsessed fan of Ed in the video and I thought it was hilarious.

I mean, look how similar they look!

I don’t think the video was supposed to be a joke, but when he sticks that piece of chewed gum in his mouth and you realize that he’s pretending to be Ed, it was just so bizarre that it was funny!

I hope it makes you laugh.

Stay Creative,


Things I Love Thursday (it’s been a while)

Hi everyone!
So, it’s been a while hasn’t it?? My apologies you guys. I’d say I’ll try to be better, but Lord knows that probably won’t work out. I do know of this great blogger. She’s super faithful (unlike me), hilarious, interesting, and incredibly fashionable! She’s also pretty cute, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister. Check this chick out, and tell the world!

Now, on to the good stuff!

ONE. My little sister got the newest Coldplay album for her birthday last week, and had to import the CD to my iTunes to get it to go on her iPod, so I figured I’d just go ahead and put it on mine too. I’d heard good things about it, so I was pretty anxious to give it a listen. Turns out, it’s fantastic! I’ve been a big Coldplay fan for a while now, and this album certainly doesn’t disappoint.

A few of my favorites:

TWO. I stayed at someone’s house a few weekends ago and kept noticing how amazing the place smelled all the time. I never saw any candles burning, or heard any of those annoying air fresheners on a timer (you know, like the kind you see in public bathrooms that always have the most random scents in them like “Pine Forest.” Who wants their bathroom to smell like a forest?!) going off. But eventually I figured it out. This person had, stationed in just about every room, these cute little ceramic pot things plugged into the wall and on top of it was a little pool of melted wax that smelled divine. I later learned that these were from a company called Scentsy, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. They’re sort of perfect for my dorm-life situation because there’s no open flame, so the chances of me torching this place significantly lessen with this nifty little crock pot of aroma-therapeutic goodness. I bought mine at Wal-Mart. It’s not Scentsy brand, but hey it gets the job done and Wal-Mart’s selections were more than enough for me. Other pluses of these scent warmers? The stuff lasts forrreverr. The wax comes in little containers like this

and I put two cubes of wax in mine two weeks ago and it’s still going strong (and I have mine on almost constantly). Unlike candles, these things seem eternal, and at around $15 for the pot and $2 for the wax, this thing beats candles hands down in my opinion! Totally worth the money, and pays for itself in no time. Give these a try and you won’t be let down.

Stay Creative


Things I Love Thursday

Hello again everyone!

If you care to know, my internet situation is still completely messed up. The part I ordered came with a disc to accompany the device and, of course, the only instructions that came with it were in Chinese. Just one little piece of paper folded in half with Chinese characters typed out to guide you through the installation and setup of the thing that I was counting on to fix my internet problem. With a friend’s help, we found some girls in the music building to translate it for me and it was absolutely no help because my computer doesn’t even do what the instructions say it should do. I am now in the hands of my computer wizard of a brother-in-law for a solution. Let’s pray he can find some way to exercise this demon living in my laptop before I chunk it out the window of a very tall building.

So this week I am, again, writing to you from my beloved corner in the campus library Starbucks. This is our third date this week…things are getting pretty serious.

Ready? Set. Go!

ONE. Hello Somebody is one of my new favorite companies. They make and sell these really neat looking watches, but the reason they sell them is the best. HS is a company committed to feeding the hungry. They were founded in early 2010 with an original goal of feeding a million meals in a calendar year after they encountered children in the mission field who preferred food to toys. The proceeds from everything they sell go toward their efforts to “…feed and educate children, by providing an avenue of knowledge, in order to break the cycle of poverty and hunger within their generation.”

I’ve started examining the things and products I buy, and trying to find companies that sell things I already buy but with a better mission.

For example: I like watches. I would like to buy a watch. I think I’ll go look at Target for this watch. No, wait. Maybe there’s a place that I could purchase a watch that would not only benefit me, but someone else in need (who needs more than the money I give to buy the watch).

There are tons of other companies like Hello Somebody that you can act through to bring freedom, education, nourishment, or just love to people in need. I hope you take time the next time you buy something to see if you could somehow do something outside yourself through the way you spend your money.

I’ll try to spend time in the future telling you more about companies like Hello Somebody that you could use.

TWO. Ladies and gentlemen…in approximately 80 hours I will be boarding a plane to spend four days in my favorite place on the planet, New York City!!! The wind ensemble and chorale are performing in…wait for it…….Carnegie Hall (!!!!!!) on Tuesday so needless to say, I’m a little bit excited. New York City is one of my favorite places to be, and I have sworn to myself (and others) that I will live there at some point in this life. I went once in high school with our choir, and it was awesome but we didn’t have any kind of free time. Everything was scheduled for us. But this trip we get one and a half days of complete free time! Our hotel is a few blocks from Carnegie, 5th avenue, Columbus Circle, and Central Park! My brain still hasn’t absorbed how incredible it’s going to be.

It’s been pretty stressful getting things ready to go, like arranging how to make up stuff for classes I miss, and the fact that midterms are the week after we get back, leaving almost no time to study. And then there’s the endless rehearsals we’ve been having to get things perfect for the concert. All this will instantly be worth it though as soon as I get my first sight of the skyline. I can’t explain how excited I am. Please pray for travel mercies, and general smooth sailing next week. Setting 100 college kids loose on a big city can sometimes get a little rocky.

Have you ever been to New York? What’s your favorite thing to see/do?

P.S. There won’t be a post next Thursday because of the trip. (try not to cry yourself to sleep)

Stay Creative,


Things I Love Thursday

I know, I know. It’s been weeks since my last TILT. Sorry for the unexpected break everyone. First my internet breaks in my dorm, then I find out that it’s not my dorm but my actual laptop that’s the problem. I’ve ordered something that should fix it, but for now I’m writing to you all from a table in the corner of the Starbucks bistro in my campus library. My white chocolate mocha and I send you greetings.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. Hope you gave and received lots of chocolate, I mean love…

Now, onto the fun stuff!



ONE. Something I’ve been trying to start doing for you guys is to wander down aisles at Target or Walmart and try new products to possibly put on the blog. I’ve been using ridiculous amounts of heat on my hair lately and it’s definitely showing. Split ends, and brittle hair doesn’t even begin to cover it. So down the hair care aisle I went in search of a miracle. Garnier’s products have always been good to me. I’m in love with their hairspray and Sleek & Shine serum, so that’s the first brand I went to. And that’s where I found the Sleek & Shine Flat Iron spray. I didn’t want anything that required my hair be wet to use. I just needed a product to put on my hair really fast in the mornings as I got ready for class, and this spray is everything I wanted and more! It’s an alcohol based argan oil spray. Argan oil’s becoming a big deal in hair care lately. It’s awesome for your hair, especially with the mess of cracked out hair I was dealing with. I highly recommend you give this stuff a try.


TWO. About a week after Christmas, I started hearing my mom talk about how bad she wanted to go back to Florida for a vacation. After weeks of bouncing ideas around, we actually decided to go on Spring Break this year. Our favorite place to go is any of the cute little beach towns down Scenic Hwy 30A. We went last summer and stayed in a tiny cramped condo a few blocks from the beach in Seagrove, so this year we wanted to do a little better. We’ve booked an actual house this time that’s on the beach and I’m so excited to spend Spring Break soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach (I know!). My whole point in telling you this is that while my mom was house hunting, she discovered this incredible website called Air B&B. Just go to the website and type in a city you’d like to stay in, and the search results show rooms, guest houses, and even full apartments that people have posted as available for rent.

Fear not. Chances are you aren’t going to rent this room and end up staying in some serial killer’s basement (But take your pepper spray just in case…..kidding). Air BnB has an excellent rating system, and each post includes bunches of pictures of your space so you don’t have to walk into the deal blindly. Here’s a video that will explain things a little more:

The next time I travel I’m so going to use this. The rates are so much better than hotels, and think of the adventure! I’ve heard stories of how helpful the “landlords” are (really just normal people renting out their rooms). I’ve seen a lot of listings where the host will make up a list of their favorite things to do in that particular city and leave it for the guests. Some will escort you around themselves even. But I’ve honestly heard nothing but good things about this website. I have huge plans to travel as much as I can in this life and Air BnB just seems like the coolest way to get that much more in touch with the city you want to visit.




Stay Creative




Things I Love Thursday

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday. If not, I hope this post makes it better. If that doesn’t work, then I suggest chocolate…and lots of it.

ONE. This year, as I attend the wondrous university that is TAMU-Commerce, I’ve lived in a dorm all by myself. Living alone has been wonderful, but that’s beside the point. All you really need to know is that I’m in a dorm room. Another bit of information you need is that microwave popcorn is no friend of mine. I have no idea what it is about it, but it messes with me. It gives me headaches and messes with my stomach (not cool). So last semester I decided to try a few ideas I’d found on making your own microwave popcorn. It involved getting loose popcorn and putting it in a brown lunch sack, stapling the top closed (don’t worry, the staples don’t spark in the microwave.) and microwaving it. It’s supposed to act just like the kind you buy at the store.


It most certainly does not work just like the store kind.

I tried it over and over all with the same result. Instead of finding a delicious bag of fluffy hot popcorn, I would open the microwave door and be greeted by a cloud of vicious gray smoke or a matted cake of half-popped kernels. One time it was so bad that I had to unplug the thing from the wall and leave it in my bathroom with the hood vent on to suck out all the smoke before my smoke detector went off.

In the rules of dorm life, you never want to be that person whose smoke alarm goes off and forces the entire building to evacuate at like 6 in the morning because you burned your toaster strudel. Especially when the intercom activates over the wailing fire alarm to tell the firemen and assisting RA’s where to go, the last thing you want is to hear your room number being broadcast to the world. Next you’re standing in the parking lot in your pajamas, freezing cold with everyone staring at you. No one cares that you burned your breakfast, they only wish you were dead.

Back to the popcorn. No, I wasn’t cooking it too long. I tried it on 30 seconds one time and the death cloud of smoke still poured from inside. It had something to do with the fact that the fat you put in the bag to help the popcorn pop ends up being soaked up by the bag instead of the kernels of corn (someone clearly didn’t think things through). Well, after about attempt #4 I was ready to try something new, so I picked up a thing of Jiffy Pop. My best friend came to visit one weekend and as we popped the corn over my cooking element (don’t tell my RA), we left a hole in the foil on accident and ended up making a machine gun that spat out hot unpopped kernels of corn instead of making a delicious bowl of popcorn.

Our fault, I know.

Now comes the good news. After telling my family about my popcorn failures, when I opened my birthday gifts last November I found a hot air popcorn maker. GREATEST. THING. EVER.

It’s essentially a giant hair dryer that makes popcorn. Mine looks similar to the one in the picture above. You take the little plastic lid part off, put about a third of a cup of loose popcorn inside, replace the top, flick the switch and wait. Mine has this handy butter melting cup on the top of the plastic lid that uses the hot air to melt your butter. I usually put a little bit of popcorn salt in the butter so I know it will stick when I pour it on the finished popcorn.

It’s ten times more delicious than microwave popcorn, and so much healthier too. You control the toppings you want, if any, and I’m sure in the long run it’s cheaper too. This machine was about $15, and I bought a big bag of popcorn kernels for close to $3.

I’m never buying microwave popcorn ever again!

TWO. A couple of years ago I started looking around for some new headphones. I thought I would just end up getting more ear buds until I got into my head that I wanted fancy, over the ear kind. Eventually I found these, Sony Extra Bass Over-the-Ear Headphones. They’re incredible. I know that link says their $79, but we got them for my dad for his birthday last year for $50 I think. The sound quality is fantastic, and for the price you can’t beat it! It definitely beats the heck out of $200+ Bose headphones. Even if they are better, I wouldn’t pay that much for headphones I’m only going to wear maybe five times a year on road trips (my opinion of course).

If you’re looking for affordable quality headphones these Sony’s are a great choice! I love mine!

Stay Creative.


Things I Love Thursday!

Hi everyone! You may have already looked down and realized that the post this week looks different than all the others have looked. You may also be thinking to yourself, “But Shelby, why are there only two this time?? Aren’t there supposed to be four?” to which I respond, “Hey. My blog, my rules!”

Just kidding. But seriously.

I’m changing things up a little so I can stretch out my dwindling list of things to share with you good people.

Which, by the way, I’m always eager to hear from you all about some things that you like and think I should try. If you get a new app and fall in love with it, let me know! New store you can’t get enough of? Tell me! I crave your input.

Now, on with the goods.

ONE. My big sister, Melody, bought me the Hunger Games trilogy for Christmas. I didn’t particularly beg for them, but I was pretty interested in reading the books since I’d started hearing so much about them. I started the first book Monday night and finished it this afternoon. That’s how good it was. Now I wish I had begged for them.

Not giving anything away, but I love everything about it. The setting and plot are entirely unique. So well described that I felt, during my breaks between reading, that I could look up outside and see a hovercraft zing by, or suddenly witness some news flash on a screen in the sky. It might even have crossed my mind to start singing to some birds to see if they’d mimic my tune. Seriously, how cool would it be to have a Mockingjay to sing to all the time?! When I read the last page of the novel I was, I’ll admit, totally in love with Peeta, sad for what Gale must think about the whole thing, and half-way wishing little Rue was my sister.

This book is a must read.

Prompting question: What do you think you would do if you got thrown into an arena (about a hundred acres of woods, give or take) with 23 other people and forced to not only survive off of the land, but fight to the death? How long do you think you would last?

Me? I like to think that I’d totally kick butt. I love camping, and am AWESOME at hide and seek. As far as the murdering 23 other people to win part? No idea. I hope I’d be like Katniss, but I’m not nearly as hoss at that girl. In all honesty I’d probably die at the Cornucopia at the very beginning.

TWO.  Behold. Known for their super affordable shoes of all styles, this place is a gem. All I ever try to focus on is their shoes, but they do have some clothes and other things. Kinda hard to focus on anything else when you have EIGHTY ONE pages of shoes staring you in the face.

UrbanOg stands for Urban Original. Not to be confused with Urban Outfitters, that I love, but have serious reservations about after I read several articles from Etsy shop owners who are suing Urban Outfitters for flat out copying their products. Copying? Really Urban Outfitters? Not cool.

So check out UrbanOg and have fun going gaga over the masses of shoes.

Stay Creative,