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New Home!

Shelby Taylor Photography has moved!


Now catch up with all of STP’s happenings over at Shelby’s new website!



Things I Love Thursday

Hello everyone!

I’m busy working away on the new site. Not giving anything away yet as far as the name and look, but I’m totally excited and can’t wait for you all to see it.

I’m really excited about this week’s TILT so let’s get on with it!

ONE. Lately, everything I tell you all on here seems to start with “My older sister told me about…” What can I say? I’m lame, and she knows more than I do. That’s a lie. I’m so much cuter and smarter than her. Ok, the first one was true. Anyways, she really did tell me about this product and I’m very glad she did. For us “gals on the go” who sometimes have leftover hair (the hair you have the day or so after you wash it) and don’t have time to wash it, dry shampoo is here to save the day. I’ve always used baby powder in times like that, but dry shampoo is so much better. It’s essentially pressurized baby powder and vitamins (plus awesome smelling stuff in Suave’s case)that you spray on your hair to help get rid of the leftover look. My big sister has tried several brands and says that Suave’s is the best. TRESemme has some, but according to Melody it doesn’t work. Give this stuff a try!

TWO. Ok, I’ve been waiting to tell you about this show for weeks. It is currently my favorite thing, and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. It’s BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series. “Big deal, we’ve seen a million Sherlocks,” you say? Well, that may be true, but this is the best I’ve ever seen (sorry Robert Downey…). One of my favorite things about it is that it’s set in the 21st century; a brand new idea that I’m surprised no one has ever thought of.

The guy that plays Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch (I know, what kind of name is that?!), is absolutely brilliant. You can see him in movies like War Horse, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and in the next Star Trek movie coming out this year. He is currently blowing it up in nearly every aspect of his profession. He’s in Sherlock (TV), all those movies I just listed, and also recently finished playing Dr. Frankenstein on the stage in London. Keep an eye out for this guy. He’s gonna be huge (and sort of already is). Oh, and he’s incredibly handsome…there’s that too *see the picture below*. The guy that plays Dr. Watson is playing Bilbo in The Hobbit movies coming out this year and next (can’t wait!!) and is equally as brilliant. The more I watch the show the more I get how much he looks like a hobbit.

The show was created by the writers/producers of Dr. Who (a show about a million people I know are addicted to), and they do an amazing job. It can’t be easy taking such a crazy intricate story and transplanting it into modern times. The little details they use to bring you into Sherlock’s mind are genius too, plus the cinematography is amazing.

The only downside is that the seasons only contain three episodes. Sure, the episodes are 90 minutes long and are more like movies than episodes of shows we’re used to, but it’s still a little frustrating that you have to wait so long for each season to air.

The show won’t be back on TV (PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery) until next year when they air their third season, but you can watch the first season on Netflix and the second on or on your PBS app (which I know you all totally have) until June 29 when I’m guessing they’ll have it available on Netflix too. This show is the bomb. So intense, and right up my alley. I’ve loved mystery and spy stuff since I was little, and Sherlock Holmes has always been one of my favorite literary characters. Benedict Cumberbatch (seriously, how is that a real name?!) is incredible in this role. You HAVE to check this show out.

P.S. For all you spies/detectives at heart like me, there’s a little secret surprise in the rolling credits of every episode. See if you can figure it out.

Extreme makeover: blog edition.

Lately I’ve been feeling a very strong urge to move away from what this blog seems to be all about. I think of all the professional photographers that I admire (ok, stalk) and it seems a shame to think that just because I slap the word “photography” next to my name and make a website that I’m somehow worthy to be in the same game as them. All I really am is a girl with a deep admiration for a good angle and great lighting who has been blessed enough to afford a wonderful camera. I don’t claim to be anything more.

So I guess it seems my heart is changing.

I LOVE photographing people, don’t get me wrong. But maintaining a site called Shelby Taylor Photography when the photography part is really little more than an exaggerated hobby seems wrong. It feels like a lie. Especially when the number of Things I Love Thursday posts outnumber the actual picture session posts.

That is why I’m working on what I’m looking at as an extreme makeover. A site that will be more about the goings on of my life where I can have the freedom to write more and write whatever I want. There will most definitely still be TILTs, and definitely still be pictures. There will also be more. More about my life and what happens in it (to keep family members and friends in the loop). I’m not doing this because there’s some huge demand for it, but simply because I want to and have the means to.

STP is not going anywhere, but it’s simply being absorbed by what it has always been apart of: my life. I’ll still accept offers for pictures like I always have, and still pour myself into every bit of it when hired. I just don’t want there to be any hint of pretentiousness in it, and that’s what I saw every time I looked at the words “Shelby Taylor Photography.”

I am a girl who enjoys taking pictures of people. I am not a “photographer.” Photographer, to me, means professional. I know what to do with my camera and how to manipulate it to get the results I want, but I am by no means a professional.

So I say all this just to give you guys a heads up. I’m very excited about what’s coming, but bare with me as it might take a while before it’s all good to go.

Thank you for your support thus far, and for your continued support through the rest!

>>>Oh and hey, while all this new stuff is going on, don’t think you can’t hit me up for some pictures. I have almost nothing to do this summer and I mean, just because I can see the bottom of my money pit, doesn’t mean I want to! College fund, hello.


Things I Love Thursday – Happy Summer!

Hey everyone!

Well, finals are over, Summer is finally here, and now it’s time to relax and forget about school for the next three months. This semester was probably the most fun I’ve had since I started on this little college journey. I made and maintained a lot of new friendships with relatively no drama, and had a blast exercising my responsibility muscles as an officer in our chorale. I was talking to my best friend the other day (she’s a business major with a journalism minor at “the real A&M”) just about our college experiences and how we don’t regret for a second our choices to go to school where we did. Our conversation just got me thinking about how much I’ve learned. Not just in classes, but about myself (especially living on my own and having to survive on a college kid budget) and how to deal with meeting new people. It’s been a blast, and kind of weird to think about these next two semesters being my last. Time flies.

Now, on to the real stuff!

ONE. I love Downy Wrinkle Releaser. This stuff saves my life on a regular basis. It’s like an iron in a bottle! I own an iron, but 99.9% of the time, when I need to use it I have no time to, so little time, in fact, that this stuff has now become something that I use almost every day. You spray it on the wrinkled mess of a shirt you’ve grabbed to wear, and in about thirty seconds you’ve got a perfectly acceptable, not wrinkly, garment to don for your day. The bottle’s directions say to spray it on the shirt then gently pull and smooth areas on the shirt until the stuff dries and the wrinkles are gone, but who has time for that?! I just spray it on the shirt (or pants. It works great for pretty much any fabric) and thwack it around in the air for a few seconds until I’m satisfied with how the shirt looks. Thwack meaning shake it around like you would when you put sheets on a bed, only a little more violently. You know, or grab two corners and wave it like you did with the parachute in 1st grade PE (boom. thwacking.). This should do the stretching and drying that the instructions tell you to do, only in about half the time. I love this stuff.

TWO. Sons and Daughters, also known as All Sons and Daughters, are my new favorite. The music they make is exactly my taste, and exactly the kind of music I hope and try to write and sing. They’re a worship group with incredibly powerful lyrics for the church. Give them a listen, and support them. Their music is the kind that will stop you in your tracks and catch you by your heart with that awesome kind of conviction that we, as believers, should crave; or grab you with a message so clear that it’s exactly what you didn’t know you’re heart was feeling. The latter is what happened to me when I heard Reason to Sing the first time.

Stay Creative,


April Instagrams

Amidst the madness of finals I managed to put this little thing together for you all! Enjoy!!



Stay creative,




March Instagrams

March was the busiest month I’ve had in a long time. It was definitely the most traveling I’ve done in that short of a time. In 30 days I went from New York City to Florida, back to Commerce, College Station, Austin and then San Antonio. It’s been crazy, but I’ve loved every second of it.



Happy Anniversary Melody + Jason!

Melody is my big sister and the wonderful blogger/creator at The Rich Style. She married Jason on November 20, 2010, and for their 1-year anniversary I gave them a gift card for a free portrait session. Mel had been begging me for pictures, so it actually worked out quite nicely. I took them to this location I’d been dying to shoot. I pass it on my drive to Commerce, just outside of Big Sandy, down Hwy 80. The sign says it leads to some kind of golf course, but I’ve never ventured far enough down the road to see it. The pristine white-fenced pasture dotted with cows and driveway lined with trees are incredibly hypnotizing. It’s a gorgeous location, and I have a feeling it will become one of my go-to spots.

These pictures are about three months late, but I’m thrilled to finally get to posting them. It’s taken me weeks of back and forth editing to get the pictures looking how I want them. I don’t usually use a lot of effects on my pictures, but I started falling in love over the past few months with Ben Blood and Jonas Peterson’s work and thought I’d try to channel them a little bit for this session. Not that I’m abandoning the whole natural light thing, but there’s nothing wrong with trying a little something new, right?

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think. I love and crave your input.

Stay creative!


Adrienne & Nick

I owe this wedding to the awesomeness of Jennifer Exline, of Blue Tulip Photography. She had this wedding booked and two weeks before the big day, called me saying she had broken her foot and couldn’t make it so she asked if I could fill in for her. I don’t mean Jennifer breaking her foot was awesome, only the fact that she thought of me to take over the wedding is awesome. A person’s bodily harm is never awesome…I digress.

This entire wedding experience was a blast. From the people to the location, it was all a joy. Adrienne and Nick are two hilarious lovebirds who are gaga for eachother. The look in their eyes as the day moved on was the best part. If you’ve ever seen two people in love, the way they look at one another is indescribable; a kind of wordless expression that, to me, completely confirms its heavenly origins. There’s just nothing like it, and boy did these two have it! The atmosphere of the day was full of that love too, something pretty rare these days. What I loved the most was the story behind Adrienne’s dress. Adrienne’s mother, Phyllis, made the dress (MADE it. What?!). And Phyllis’ mother had made her wedding dress. How special to have your mom make the dress you get married in. Traditions are the greatest, aren’t they?! Well, the wedding was lovely and I was overjoyed to be a little fly on the wall during it all.

Enjoy the pictures, because there are a lot of them!

PS – Click on the pictures to see them larger


Everett “E Man” Haynes

Meet baby Everett, affectionately known by his grandmother as “E Man.” Rachel, Everett’s mother, is the daughter of Terry Kerns. Terry and her family were the first to ever hire me for a portrait session. I love this family. Rachel and I had tried to schedule a time to meet at a park, but got rained out. We rescheduled to take them at my home church, but again, got rained out so instead of making plans for another time we just went inside and took them under the florescent lights in the church foyer (something I’m normally not into doing, but it ended up working). Everett was pretty grumpy as we started, but cheered up soon enough making for an awesome session with an adorable little boy.

P.S. – click on the pictures to see them larger.