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new business cards!!

Yesterday I found myself without a business card to give out in a situation that demanded it. It was pretty embarrassing having to scribble down my information on an random old scrap of paper I found in my wallet, so my mom suggested I make my own business cards. I’ve made some using before, and they do a great job, but I was feeling creative and also didn’t feel like waiting for cards to come in the mail. So I opened Word, and got to designing! I hand drew the branches after getting so frustrated with ClipArt because they didn’t have anything I was looking for. After my OCD brain was satisfied, I printed them on some card stock, cut them out, and viola! Instant business cards!

Feast your eyes!

Until next time!



Thurs + day = Thursday

Greetings everyone! I’m really excited about this weeks TILT.

Brace yourself!




1. A new favorite store of mine is H&M. Their clothes are semi-cheap, and completely gorgeous. They have a massive selection to sort through in every department, so it’s fun to lose yourself in for a few hours. I’m particularly in love with their dresses.


2. The store at the site is seriously the coolest photo-gear site I’ve ever come across. If you love neat photo gadgets, this is your place. Flashes, lenses, camera bags that break the mold of the lame black ones that you find everywhere, and super cool photo-themed novelties and accessories. I am in love with this site and wish I could win the lottery so I could buy everything they sell.


3. One of my favorite scents on the planet is Black Amethyst from Bath & Body Works. It’s currently my go-to perfume, lotion, and body wash. I lurrrve this smell!


4. If you’re my friend on Facebook, you’ve heard me talk about Jessie J. I first heard her when she performed on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her newest album doesn’t do her justice, in my opinion. I bought it and only really like three songs on it. She’s beyond incredible in the live videos I’ve watched. Sooo much better than her studio recordings. She’s got this crazy range, and such control of her voice that I’m totally jealous of. She scats alot in her music too which just makes me love her more! Her song “Price Tag” made it onto my summer playlist because it’s the perfect summer jam.

Fun fact: She went to the same music prep school that Adele went to, I think a couple of classes behind her.

She’s completely amazing.  If you’ve never clicked on a “Listen and Love” link of mine before, you MUST do it this time. Her song, “Big White Room” shows off her vocal-incredibleness the best, and is my favorite “sing-in-the-car-at-the-top-of-my-lungs song”. Enjoyyyy!


Listen and Love:

Big White Room:

Mama Knows Best (from the SNL performance):

Price Tag (from SNL):

It’s Thursday. You know what that means!

Greetings readers! Time for awesome things!!

Ready? Set. Go!

#1. As I have mentioned before, I am not engaged but have somehow come to enjoy collecting ideas for my, Lord willing, future wedding. It’s actually become quite a hobby! I have a ton of  top secret ideas, know what kind of place I want to get married in, and the general idea of how I want it to look. Most of these inspirations have come from obsessively stalking my favorite photographer, Brooke Courtney, and stumbling upon bunches of wedding blogs and photographers. One such wedding blog is Style Me Pretty. It’s amazing! If, like me, you enjoy the thought of exploring ideas for your big day, you might also wanna check out my best friend Chaney’s blog. She does these cool blogs every Wednesday she affectionately calls “Wedded Wednesdays”, and they’re chock-full of all things lovely!

#2. Oh my gracious, you’re going to love this one. I found this online store called Polyvore. It’s not your typical online clothes store like Forever 21, or Urban Outfitters. It’s like a collection of clothes from a ton of different stores where you can go to discover, explore, and shape your taste in textiles (couldn’t resist the alliteration). They’ve got more than just a store too. My favorite is the trends section. I’m really into sequin stuff, so I can browse the sequin trend and find practically every item of clothing with a sequin on it right before my very eyes! You can also create what they call “sets.” If you like a lot of different things and want them in one place, or are planning an outfit you can make a set! Here’s what one looks like: 

Polyvore’s great, and packed full of fashiony things. Check it out!

#3. The music suggestion for this week is the wonderful Andrew Bird. He’s in the category I like to call “real musicians.” He can sing, play the piano, guitar, and the violin (what he’s known for). Oh, and he’s pretty stinking gorgeous. See…

Most of the time he’s a one man band, which is awesome and why his music is so impressive. If you watch the videos you’ll see what I mean. I love watching videos of his performances. They’re sortof hypnotizing. He’s lovely. His music is lovely. Give your ears the pleasure of listening to him.

Listen and Love:


#4. My favorite app at the moment is Instagram. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s so cool! You upload pictures from your iPhone into Instagram and play around adding different filters to the picture until it looks how you want it. Then you can upload it straight to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or most any other social networking site around. I love it because it’s so easy to use and it makes my iPhone pictures look so cool. Another really cool thing about it is that you can follow your friends sortof like Twitter. You have a feed that shows all of your friends pictures and you can like them or comment on them like you can on Facebook.  I don’t know if they have it for Droid or any of those other crazy space phones, but if you have an iPhone you should definitely check it out! If you want to follow me, my Instagram username is ShelbyKTaylor. Here’s a few pics from my Instagram:

A building on the TAMU-C campus

My dad on a crosswalk

The new music building (aka, my home) at TAMU-C

Parking lot finds

The bus barn in my sister’s backyard

Poems and stuff

 Have a great rest of the week everyone!!



Things I Love Thursday!

Hello everyone! I’m extremely excited about this week’s TILT post. It’s packed with fantastic lovely things that I can’t wait to share with you all. So without further adieu, here we go!


1. My recent obsession, and newest cure for boredom is All it is is a collection of pictures, like a giant bulletin board, they call it a “pin board”, pinned with pictures. The first sentence on their “About Me” page explains it better:

“Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” collections created by people with great taste.”

It’s perfect content for a TILT because the thing itself is like one continuous TILT post of your very own, only you aren’t limited to just one day a week! To get started creating your own “pin board” with this fabulous website, just request an invite on their home page (there’s a huge button, you can’t miss it). You can still browse pictures and search for things without an invite if you want to get a feel for it first, but in order for people to follow your pins and see the things you like you’ll need a username. This website is the coolest. You won’t be disapointed! If you want to follow my pins my username is ShelbyKTaylor


2. Ok, confession time. I don’t use Photoshop. I don’t even have it on my computer. I wish I did, but why buy expensive software when I’ve found a website that satisfies all my photo editing needs for FREE?! Enter, (yes, with a ‘K’).

I don’t do much editing wise with the pictures I take, so my needs are minimum. I’ve used Picnik for about a year now, and it has become my faithful friend. I actually use it to make the square picture collages you see on every Things I Love post! It’s incredible easy to use, and I absolutely love it! I hope you love it too!


3. So I have this weird new obsession with French Pop music. I know. Of all the kinds of music to be in to, right? But I actually stumbled upon a playlist of French Pop songs on this cool music website (see #4) the other day and fell in love! I can never listen to music when I study or write because I find myself trying to listen to the words and sing along with the song rather than letting it help me study or inspire me. But with this French music, I have no idea what the words are saying, so I’m not distracted! And the music, for the most part, is just plain good and I enjoy listening to it. Plus I love French. If you’re looking to switch up your music world, I highly suggest adding a little French to the mix!

Listen and Love:


4. The cool music website I mentioned in #3 is today’s #4.!! If, like me, you love discovering new music, this is the website for you! It’s really just a website full of mixes. They call themselves internet radio, but it’s really just a bunch of playlists. Mixes, radio, playlists; whatever it is I love it! It’s how I discovered the French music, and my go-to website for finding the perfect songs for my summer playlist. You can search for your favorite kinds of music, browse the tags, like playlists so you can listen to them over and over, and even make your own mixes for others to enjoy. It’s brilliant, and definitely a fave.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week! See ya next Thursday,